Sneak Peek of Annie Duke on The Apprentice

by , Feb 9, 2009 | 1:27 pm

Annie Duke vs. Joan Rivers … whom do you like in that fight!?!

In conjunction with Jean-Robert Bellande’s (brief) appearance on Survivor, I’m getting the sense that poker pros may not mix well with people whose bullshit they can see through the non-poker masses.

  • Kevin Mathers

    Is this thing actually viewable?

    It doesn’t appear in Firefox, and IE won’t let the video play.

  • Dude, I’m watching it on Firefox right now.

  • here’s the direct link while this gets figured out:|widget|NBC%20Video&__source=nbc|widget|NBC%20Video

  • Kevin Mathers

    Hmm, it only took me 4 tries in IE, but Annie asking someone if she can talk is funny in itself.

  • Maybe someone else will chime in on the viewability … because right now I’m thinking the prob is on your end … but it could be NBC, or even, no way, Pokerati’s.

  • Kevin Mathers

    It probably is me, I tried it as well in Firefox 3, and still no picture. I’m sure I can figure it out somehow. Anyways, I don’t know why they added the last part of the clip for since it has no relevance to Annie Duke.

  • Joan Rivers = bitch

    Annie Duke = our bitch

    Playmate = golddigger, who can get them cash by calling Hef

    I go with the Bunny

  • Aaron A.

    All works in Firefox!

    Joan is super weird. At least let Annie make her point!

  • BJ Nemeth

    Everything works fine for me in Safari 3.2.1, and I’m viewing it here at Pokerati.

    FYI, former Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick has played poker at least a few times in the WPT Celebrity Invitational. So for that reason, and the fact that she’s so beautiful in person that I developed a stutter while talking to her, I’ll be rooting for her even though I know she has no chance in hell of even coming close to winning this meaningless contest.

  • Jen Murphy

    Annie Duke has got to the most annoying person on earth. And since when does she qualify as a celebrity?