Player to Watch: Vinnie Vinh

by , Sep 22, 2009 | 4:15 am

Don’t call it a comeback … Vinnie Vinh, from Houston, had done little on the tournament scene since his chair finished 3rd in a limit hold’em event at the ’08 WSOP. But he did book a 14th place finish in a $970 No-Limit tourney at the LA Poker Classic in February … and check out results of Event #10 — a $335 NLH — at the Commerce Hold’em Series:


1 Vinnie Vinh, Houston, TX $14,006 plus $2,580 Seat
2 David Lopez, Tucson, AZ $7,486
3 Pho Tran, West Covina, CA $4,772
4 Glenn Forster, Los Angeles, CA $3,502
5 Huy Quach, West Covina, CA $2,845
6 Derwin Lowery, Los Angeles, CA $2,145
7 David Liau, Los Angeles, CA $1,707
8 Dono Terranova, Los Angeles, CA $1,270
9 Patrick Karschamroon, Los Angeles, CA $919
10 Adam Weinraub, Orange, CA $657
11 Nhut Tran, Norwalk, CA $657
12 Panayotis Kalessis, Los Angeles, CA $657
13 Impounh Vongvone, Los Angeles, CA $569
14 Sami Banizuraij, Salt Lake City, UT $569
15 Rocky Eniso, Glendale, CA $569
16 Gideon Cross, Los Angeles, CA $482
17 Bobby Binsky, Miami, FL $482
18 Yarom Limor, Beverly Hills, CA $482

I’m keeping tabs on these big-little tourneys via Steve Hall.

UPDATE: Steve tells me that Vinnie is playing these minor league Commerce tournaments for Men the Master.

  • Mean Gene

    Even for the poker world that’s a real smorgasbord of names.

  • Spaceman

    Am I missing something here? How on earth did 152 players with a $335 buy-in build a $43K prize pool?

  • DanM

    um, math? 150x$300 would = $45k … so now throw in some of those extra fees … plus the seat into their main event was an overlay … i dunno, haven’t added it all up exactly, but ballpark looks on target.

    and hey, i am getting info from steve hall, lol.

    him and here:

  • Kevin Mathers

    The main event seat is added to the prize pool. The buy-in is officially 288+ 12 service charge + 35 entry fee.

  • DanM


    so they didn’t even include the $2,800 seat in the overall prize pool.

    $47 may seem hefty, but hey, someone’s gotta pay for those nifty trophies!

  • Spaceman

    So apparently I was missing something…and I think it was sleep. *sigh* Maybe I need to grow my beard back out like you, Dan, so I can have True Poker Media Power again.

  • DanM

    So far the only results I have noticed from the beard is that conservative women smile at me less and plausibly gay men are friendlier to me.

  • Spaceman

    So both your goals have been accomplished? Kudos! :-D

  • DanM

    Best name in the above list is Nhut Tran.

  • scott diamond

    Steve Hall is actually one of the nicest guys in the Poker media who is virtually unknown by many.

    great Guy!!

  • Spaceman

    Steve’s been around for what seems like forever – and he’s also the only guy I know in the poker media who isn’t getting balder as the years go by. :-D

  • DanM

    Two words tell you everything you need to know about Steve Hall: Bolton Wanderers

  • steve hall

    Ty.We managed to keep Spaceman locked up in Thailand this summer so Dan and I hold the record for WSOP’s as media.(Well maybe behind Max Shapiro)
    Dan,I call Bolton the Villa rejects (although they screwed up selling us Cahill but thats for soccerati)
    Scott: Now I have to attend the next fallen heroes charity event.Please no Tiffany or Maria Ho though :D