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Mizrachis have most syllables still alive

by , Jul 13, 2010 | 10:24 am

Sorting through the list of remaining players, the surnames with the most players still in contention to win the main event hardly come as surprise, based pretty much on world population.

Mathematically, a Chan or Nguyen is still probably your best bet, and the Johnsons and Changs have kinda disappointed their global families. But one name stands out as being a bit different than all the rest, thus highlighting the uniqueness of four brothers going deep.

Nguyen – 7
Binh Nguyen 263,100
Scotty Nguyen 47,800
Tam Nguyen 183,100
Cuong Nguyen 429,300
Philip Nguyen 148,000
Hien Nguyen 464,300
Tuan Nguyen 30,900

Kim – 6
John Kim 59,006
Robert Kim 217,000
Kevin Kim 181,900
Jin Kim 68,500
Hyung Kim 45,900
Can Kim Hua — 312,200

Taylor – 6
Simon Taylor 60,800
Paul Taylor 147,100
Anders Taylor 199,400
Todd Taylor 54,600
Richard Taylor 92,100
Mark Taylor 71,500

Smith – 5
Daniel Smith 103,400
Alex Smith 88,700
Mitchell Smith 47,900
Gavin Smith 42,500
Matthew Smith 66,000

Brown – 4
Matthew Brown 341,900
John Brown 140,100
Andrew Brown 657,700
Jamie Brown 182,200

Chan – 4
Andy Chan 82,400
Johnny Chan 636,000
Feming Chan 151,800
Edmund Chan 260,300

Clark – 4
Richard Clark 55,100
Zach Clark 114,800
Edward Clark 138,700
Timothy Clark 81,800

Lee – 4
Bernard Lee 186,200
Redmond Lee 240,300
Nicky Lee Evans 147,700
Kris Lee Steinback 147,700

Mizrachi – 4
Daniel Mizrachi 128,600
Michael Mizrachi 91,700
Robert Mizrachi 342,800
Eric Mizrachi 95,800

Young – 4
Django Young 225,300
Derek Young 200,100
Jerry Young 26,900
Ryan Young 216,700

4 Comments to “Common Name Numbers Poker ”

  1. Conan776

    It’s a stretch to count Lee last-name and Lee middle-name as the same, imo. If you are doing that, then what about people with the first name Kim? Not a “Kimberly” left in the whole bunch?

  2. DanM

    I think you’re right about Kim, that CK Hua probably didn’t belong in there — so they’ve only got five. But the Lee’s, I interpreted to be female players, with a married name attached to their maiden name, or vice-versa … so I’ll let them stick.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    How about the Le’s?


    No Mathers? I have a Lieutenant named Shawn Mathers, he is actually the brother of Jerry Mathers from the “Leave it to Beaver” show.

    Whats in a name anyway?

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