Agent Block

by , Sep 16, 2010 | 9:15 pm

Love a good Twitter fight … but sometimes social media can hurt!

Was gettin’ all geared up for an exciting #FollowFriday when I got this reminder of how much things have changed. Alas …

But hey, I’ll always have this bit of inspiration — recorded during the 2006 WPBT Winter Classic, shortly after passage of the UIGEA … a time when Twitter hardly existed and I believed, along with Phil Hellmuth, that poker’s future was in ringtones:

Oliver Tse poker future

ALT HED: Oliver Tweetse

  • JW

    LOL…. Good old Oliver with the Coke Bottle glasses…too funny

  • ringtones…you’re funny

  • Kevin Mathers


    You should consider Oliver to be a part of Soccerati.

  • DanM

    brilliant, kevmath! and @michele … i’m sure i have some audio of you around here somewhere ideal for ringtones.

  • GoGunn

    haha! brilliant! you’re funny indeed! 😉