Saturday Afternoon Singalong 2

More Five Card Stud

by , Jan 29, 2011 | 10:01 am

While looking for the video featured last week for the 1968 poker-based western Five Card Stud, I discovered even more music wrapped around said game and gambler’s living … fun, semi-timeless lyrics both:

1970 – Five Card Stud by Lorne Greene (about collusion)
1989 – Five Card Stud by Ace Frehley (about drawing to a one-outer)

  • Buckwheat Zydeco- Five Card Stud, 1994

    • Dan Michalski

      Nice. Got a YouTube link?

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    • Dan Michalski

      dude, trying to send me to a zip file … wtf? are you trying to hack my ass, IBW?

  • No, I’m not trying to hack you– If I was genuinely interested in getting that last $26.24 left in your Full Tilt account, I’d just sit down in the game and TAKE it from you…

    Did not think of the .zip implications. Use this instead: