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by , Apr 4, 2012 | 10:41 pm

DON’T MISS THIS SHOW – Sam Stein special guest tells us how he came up in poker, and I school you guys with the help of Mark Newhouse.  But you prolly want the drama, and SrslySirius and Marco from Quadjacks came on and aired their beef surrounding the Willy Wonka remix video amongst other things.  Really feel for both of these guys as I just went through a similar break up.  Breakin’ up is in fact, hard to do.  Ylon Shwartz came on to tell some stories as well, and we get an anonymous caller to add to the growing story of PeterDC aka Peter Falcone aka LimpCallCallFold and his free-rolling sports bettors scam.  See the Wonka Remix SrslySirius video here.

  • Justice

    Funny how Marco’s argument is just like that in the tv show Smash.  Some low level assistant mentions that they should create a musical named Marilyn and suddenly he is a co-creator of the musical.  Really dude, get a life.