Vegas Grinders: Poker Staycation

Hoops & Hold'em, Hakkasan grand opening, pool season, and real @PhilIvey room?

by , Mar 22, 2013 | 8:45 am

Crap. Free hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip, and I left my bathing suit at home.

The Wynn Classic wraps up, and so does Erick Lindgren’s brief flirtation with redemption. (LOL-ouch on the bubble.) Likewise, Multi Action Poker is out @AriaPoker (like we knew it would be) but Phil Ivey is in — making a not-so-regular stop to play behind his namesake glass walls. Meanwhile, as Nevadans, we begin to think about playing online again, starting with some online satellite freerolls at … while Dave enjoys a free room at Bally’s — a nice perk for a man hoping to hit it with a bad beat jackpot!

Over @CLVPoker, Hoops and Hold’em is underway; Andrew laments that the one tournament he won has been discontinued. While there may or may not be an upside to being forcibly undefeated, seriously, how-TF do you remove a heads-up bracket tourney from a seasonal series created around March Madness?

Semi-related … can you believe it’s almost pool season?

All that and more in another jam-packed, rip-roarin’ episode of every Vegas local’s favoritisimo new podcast …

Vegas Grinders 1.6
[audio: /VegasGrinders/VG20130320.mp3]

  • Paul

    Your thoughts on PH’s On the Mezz tourneys Mar 27-31. Vene starts another DSE just a month after last one, Mar 28-Apr 24. Then Vene starts yet another DSE for 60 days with 4 events starting all but 12 days. 192 events May 23 to July 21. Does anybody consider rake or take out when choosing a tourney? Great job, I like the friendly ball busting, Nick telling of friend saying “dude do you know how much real money that is?” on 17k loss. Check fold ya later.

  • Adam

    Is there a Vegas grinders podcast this week?

    • Yes. It’s coming. Slight snafu as we still work out a few kinks in what is becoming the powerful and mighty Vegas Grinders machine! #GameofPatience