New poker boom on the rise in Scandinavia

by , Jul 25, 2017 | 2:25 am

When talking about the poker boom, one usually thinks of the period between 2003 and 2006. During the boom years the online poker player pool at least doubled in size every year. Scandinavia was back then early to jump on the bandwagon, and it seems like there is a new boom on the rise at the moment. I’m not claiming we will see the same effect, but something is definitely buzzing, as poker is yet again on the rise.

Norwegian poker revolution

Spurring the boom on this time around is a softer poker regulation in Norway. The Norwegian gambling authorities (Lotteritilsynet) opted to allow a Norwegian poker championship held in Oslo 2015. The event attracted 1972 entries to the Main Event NL Texas Hold’em, with Norwegian TV2, broadcasting the event live with Felix Stephensen being crowned Norwegian Champion. The event won 2 awards at the European Poker Awards; Event of the Year (buy – inn up to €2000) and Poker Innovation or Initiative of the Year due to innovating broadcasting.

More importantly this was the start of a new poker wave in Norway and recruiting new players due to broadcasting of the event. Prior to 2015 the Norwegian Poker Championships have been held in Dublin because of strict regulations. The Norwegian Poker Federation has decided that both events will be held going forward. Mainly due to the event in Norway is restricted to only three events, where as in Dublin there are over 60 tournaments and live action 24/7.

Poker taking up the competition against slots in Scandinavia

Since the height of the boom back in 2006, poker has lost the throne of online gambling to slots. Slots are hugely popular in Scandinavia and have a turnover of billions. To get the best local offers visit for updated slot deals. Now the tide is turning again and the young people in Scandinavia are yet again turning to poker as their go to game of gambling. Poker has become super trendy and is experiencing a huge upswing both online and offline. Ones again NL Texas Hold’em is the standout game, but this time around more and more people are getting involved with Omaha PLO. This boom will probably not reach the heights of the last one, but it will for certain hype poker ones more in Scandinavia.

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