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Pokerati Correspondents

LAS VEGAS: Dan Michalski
Pokerati in Chief
January 01, 70:

LAS VEGAS: Howard Stutz / Las Vegas Review-Journal
Inside Gaming
September 19, 13: Nevada OKs Golden Gaming, 888 Holdings Partnership

PHOENIX, AZ: Robert Goldfarb
Video Editor
November 20, 14: Apache Gold Casino is giving players up to $300 a day in free play.

TORONTO, CA: Gaming Counsel
Non-Binding Legal Correspondent
June 18, 15: Canadian Senate Reports on Digital Currencies

Rabbit Hunter
December 07, 11: Rabbit Hunt: 77

: Scarlet Robinson

October 24, 11: Sports Betting Mobilized, Full Tilt Downsized & iPoker in Congress

LAS VEGAS: Chris Sieroty / Las Vegas Review-Journal
Gaming Beat Reporter
September 30, 13: Tribal Gaming Hardly Appeased by Congressional Inaction

England, UK: Joseph Ewens

October 20, 12: Wider World of Poker

LAS VEGAS: Dave Ferrara
Journalist and Grinder
February 02, 13: Touchdown Poker

TUNICA-ISH, TN: Michael Reed
Roving Poker Dad
May 03, 11: WPT Seminole Hard Rock

Utility Infielder
May 21, 11: This Week's Big Winners - May 21st

IN YOUR POCKET: Pokerati Promo
I poker, therefore I am.
August 18, 15: Big Business for Online Casinos

: Tom Schneider

June 05, 12: Mucked Up

KENTUCKY: Rich Muny / Poker Players Alliance
VP of Player Relations
August 29, 13: Instructions on How to Apply to Reclaim Your Full Tilt Poker Balance

Contributing Editor
June 12, 11: Crossing the Line

AUSTIN, TX: Amy Calistri
Poker, Casino and Gaming Biz Industry Beat
August 02, 12: Are China's Whales Fleeing Macau for Vegas?

Los Angeles: Marie-Lizette Acoba
Associate Editor, Poker Pro Wannabe
August 15, 11: This Week's Big Winners – August 14th

Las Vegas: Andrew Neeme
Full-time Grinder
October 03, 12: Poker with a Purpose

CHICAGO, IL: Chris Grove
Independent online poker and gaming industry reporter
July 02, 13: Cleaning up or Cleaning out?

USA: FaceUpGaming
Preferred Online Poker Site
September 27, 12: "The Limper"

WASHINGTON DC: Steve Tetreault / Stephens Media DC
Capitol Hill Correspondent
July 10, 13: Retiring AGA Leader Changed the Face of Casino Industry

LAS VEGAS, NV: Tim O'Reilly / Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas beat reporter
June 21, 13: Big Thrills to Redraw the Vegas Skyline?

LAS VEGAS: Danielle Ford
Reporter-Researcher, Executive Cheerleader
June 26, 11: Poker News Daily Sells for $63k on eBay

: melsieboldt

July 15, 11: From Online to Black Friday to 2nd in Chips in the Main Event

LAS VEGAS: Laura Carroll / Las Vegas Review-Journal
GamingWire Author
March 14, 13: Las Vegas Visitation Down despite Bump in Convention Attendance

Orange County, CA: Prof. I. Nelson Rose
Gaming Law Expert
June 23, 13: Lessons from the Insurance Industry

: Thomas Jones

January 10, 14: Soccer players who play poker – Teddy Sheringham

: Jeremy Henderson

January 10, 14: Why Casino Resorts Make for Good Places to Spend Your Holidays

: Alan Snel / Las Vegas Review-Journal

January 19, 13: NFL Says Don't Bother to Backers of Proposed Vegas SuperStadium

LAS VEGAS: Stack'em Coaching
Strategy Partner
May 30, 12: Put a Personal Poker Coach in Your Pocket

New York, NY: Wendeen Eolis
Poker industry veteran
August 03, 13: The Players' Voice in Washington DC

: Jennifer Robison / Las Vegas Review-Journal

December 18, 12: Vegas Economy Crawling out of the Muck

: Matt Savage
Tournament Director's Associtation
July 25, 13: 2013 TDA Rules Set for August Release

: Laura Myers / Las Vegas Review-Journal

December 14, 12: Adelson's Political Bankroll, Table Image to Grow

: Ed Vogel / Las Vegas Review-Journal

May 06, 13: Steve Wynn: Nevada's Gaming Industry Not Healthy

LAS VEGAS: Kristi Jourdan / Las Vegas Review-Journal

July 05, 12: Vegas Cops Cracking Down on Cheap Water Sales

: Rachel Rowley

November 15, 12: Have WSOP Main Event Winner Strategies Evolved?

: Richard Lake / Las Vegas Review-Journal
April 25, 13: Vegas Cabbies Bilked Passengers of $15 Million Last Year

: Francis McCabe / Las Vegas Review-Journal
April 08, 13: Tale of the Hapless Cabbie and the Rio Pai Gow Thief

: Jane Ann Morrison / Las Vegas Review-Journal

January 01, 70:

HMFICs, Technical-wise

The Cradle of Texas Liberty: Scott Chaffin
Head Morlock for the Pokerati Empire
May 25, 11: Texas? REPUBLICAN? Endorses Online Poker?!?!?!

Metroplex Suburbia: Ed

August 03, 07: Tom Schneider Interview