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  • 888 “Gift Showers” Promise Special Prizes for All

    A million bucks worth of coolness in play
    29 Dec 2014

    The holiday season isn’t over — at least not for players at 888poker. This venerable online poker site has a promotion that has been running all December — gift showers — and they’re still going for another six weeks. A cool $1 million worth of special prizes is raining down on players. And we’re not […]

  • Ivey’s divided loyalty + other news

    02 Dec 2014

    Image by World Poker Tour  Phil Ivey is not noted for his public endorsements. In fact he’s not noted for doing much in the way of publicity, period. So when the ten-time WSOP bracelet winner took to Twitter recently to offer his endorsement to an online gaming site it inevitably turned heads. Ivey took time […]

  • WSOP winner Naoya Kihara celebrates Japanese ‘patience’

    25 Nov 2014

    Image by  World Poker Tour  Poker is a minority sport in Japan at the moment, but it is growing fast. According to Naoya Kihara – the first Japanese grinder to claim a WSOP winner’s ring – it is a game perfectly suited to the Japanese mentality. Kihara won his title in 2012 in a $5,000 […]

  • Aussie Dales Pushing On With Big Adelaide Prize

    20 Nov 2014

    Australian poker player Andrew Dales has been on a hot streak of late, and that has culminated with a recent big money win at the Adelaide Champs 2014 Main Event. Dales scooped a solid $38,000 prize a couple of days ago at Adelaide Casino, and that is a welcome addition to anybody’s prize fund. It […]

  • How to Begin to Win in Online Poker

    14 Nov 2014

    Image by lawrencechua Poker is one of the most lucrative professional games in the world. In 2012, the World Series of Poker offered a mouth-watering 1st prize of over $12 million dollars. Whilst poker’s online counterpart has not yet managed to match such mind-numbingly high payouts, thousands of internet players are still raking in the […]

  • PokerStars’ New Jersey Launch In October?

    31 Oct 2014

    While there was speculation that PokerStars would launch in New Jersey on October 1st having received their license we’re long past that date and nothing was official. However, while we have heard no official word, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker could go live any day now. State evaluations are being still being conducted, remember this […]

  • The odds of being dealt a Royal Flush

    03 Jul 2014

    Even novice players know that a Royal Flush is the ultimate poker hand but even many experienced players might not realise just how rare getting the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of one suit actually is. Although movies like Casino Royale have made this most sought after hand seem within the realms of possibility […]

  • Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, the new ambassador of ‘888poker room’

    18 Jun 2014

    Luis Suarez, the Liverpool and the Uruguayan national team striker that is participating in the World Cup in Brazil, has been was named last month in Barcelona as the new ambassador of 888poker, one of the world’s leading poker rooms. Recently chosen as ‘Best Player’ of the English Premier League by the association of the […]

  • How to Play Texas Hold’em

    13 May 2014

    People often teach beginners about Texas Hold’em by explaining the value of the various poker hands. They then move on to discuss the blinds, pre flop, flop, the turn, etc. It can all get quite confusing. BetClic have provided Pokerati with a comprehensive interactive infographic that breaks the game down into its various stages. Have […]

  • New York’s Efforts to Legalize Online Poker

    26 Apr 2014

    The New York Senate considered legalizing online poker last year. They withdrew their proposal when they failed to gain support from lawmakers in the State Assembly. However, many senators are still committed to regulating online poker. Sen. John Bonacic has recently introduced a bill that would allow gaming providers to offer certain types of poker […]