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  • Reviewing the Reviewers

    It’s All Decidedly Dodgy, Says Casino Papa
    29 Jan 2016

    There’s something rather odd going on right now with so many online casino review websites and services. Well, the term ‘odd’ might not in fact be appropriate as what we’re actually banging on about appears to be the new norm. Long story short, how can you trust casino reviews when you know they’re being engineered […]

  • The rise and rise of online gambling in Southeast Asia

    22 Dec 2015

    With 132 million current players within the South East Asia market, game developers are seriously considering porting their games over in order to make some serious cash. And in a few years the market is expected to double to 1.2 billion, and that’s if it doesn’t surpass that number beforehand. This includes areas in Indonesia, […]

  • Tips for playing – and winning – Omaha poker

    24 Nov 2015

    Texas Hold’Em is arguably the most popular poker variant out there today at the sports gambling websites. But while things are usually bigger in Texas, the one exception to this rule is Omaha Poker. Much like Hold’Em, players must make their best poker hand from the cards dealt and the five community cards that are […]

  • 7 Interesting Random Facts about the WSOP

    22 Oct 2015

    The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the leading poker tournament on the planet today. Any player who knows how to bluff their way to success has to do it on this stage before they do it anywhere else. The WSOP has an interesting and intriguing history, though. In this article we’re going to take […]

  • What to look for in a five-card draw poker hand

    22 Oct 2015

    Poker has so many variants nowadays, it’s tough to keep all your strategies straight. So we’re going back to the fundamentals and returning to perhaps the most classic version of the game: five-card draw poker. Here’s how to build the best hands for five-card draw when playing in the best bitcoin casino: Connectivity When you […]

  • Know the Probability of the Best Poker Hands

    20 Sep 2015

    Poker may take some number crunching, nerves of steel and a blank face but when it all comes down to it, poker is still a game of chance. That means that savvy players can figure out the probability of losing a hand, depending on what they’re holding. In a game like 5-card poker, if you […]

  • Big Business for Online Casinos

    In a world of regulated Internet gaming, complex deals can be par for the course
    18 Aug 2015

    The online poker and gambling world is changing. Business-wise, internet casino giants are shuffling the deck to position themselves for a shifting battle to dominate in the 21st century, while new players seek a foothold in the action. One group determined to play for the top spot are 888, who have been offering sophisticated online […]

  • Advantages to Playing Poker Online

    08 Jul 2015

    Playing poker with your friends or at the poker rooms is fun but so is playing online. Online poker also offers numerous advantages to traditional poker. Besides being able to play any time or day, you also get free cash and more ways to play. Let’s go over all the ways playing poker online is […]

  • 888 “Gift Showers” Promise Special Prizes for All

    A million bucks worth of coolness in play
    29 Dec 2014

    The holiday season isn’t over — at least not for players at 888poker. This venerable online poker site has a promotion that has been running all December — gift showers — and they’re still going for another six weeks. A cool $1 million worth of special prizes is raining down on players. And we’re not […]

  • Ivey’s divided loyalty + other news

    02 Dec 2014

    Image by World Poker Tour  Phil Ivey is not noted for his public endorsements. In fact he’s not noted for doing much in the way of publicity, period. So when the ten-time WSOP bracelet winner took to Twitter recently to offer his endorsement to an online gaming site it inevitably turned heads. Ivey took time […]