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Virtual Deck of Cards?

Quick peak at nifty poker app for tablet play

by , Dec 10, 2012 | 1:28 pm

It’s not often we see a poker app to make ya go, hmmm … But this one, Bold Poker, is pretty neato, imho. I’m not even sure the technology is all that revolutionary. But it’s packaged in a way that could have all sorts of ramification and impact for the game. (The problem with technology is that it makes all the millions of dollars invested in PokerTek tables, for example, eventually available in a handheld app for $1.99.)

At first I wondered why not include chips as well. But then, after the needle in my brain stopped skipping, it occurred that bringing any semblance of money into play — even just virtual chips — adds a whole nother level of legal complications.

Have no clue who’s behind Bold Poker, what their story is, or how much money they have to try and build the thing into a business before the likes of Caesars just creates the same thing and gives it away as a, er, giveaway to the first XX people who enter their virtual poker room and/or casino. You can tell from the music though that they’re presumably more enamored with the technology than the idea of selling it to home games looking to replace their faded Copags.

(Thanks @SeanIsMoney for the HU!)