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January 24, 2013

DonkDown Radio

Allen Kessler, Saramar, Pokerati Dan, etc etc

Lots went down. SealsWithClubs is in Forbes. Saramar is still on her Mexican cashout adventures, now without the wisdom of her teeth. Srslysirius blew up Zac Hart. Marco left too. Hollywood Dave checks in about a facebook free-chip site. Butterfly labs CEO Josh Zerlan is just making shit up as he goes along. So much to cover in this 2+ hr show:

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May 25, 2012

Rio Rap Party

@SrslySrius gets psyched for the WSOP

It’s the kind of built-in customer appreciation and multimedia word of mouth a true evil empire could only dream of … or maybe it’s just free advertising Caesars officials have grown to expect:

My how far we’ve come since the days when Jeff Madsen held the mic for the WSOP.

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