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It occurred to me I couldn’t just leave “Doyle Brunson Dies” as the final post on this blog. That would be like ending Star Wars after The Force Awakens. But it’s a new era for poker, indeed. Records already are falling, and we’re almost certain the Main Event will finally break the 2006 record for largest field. And goodbye Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino … the Horseshoe is the World Series of Poker’s new home. Sad that both Mike Sexton and Brunson aren’t around to see it.

pokerati dealer cut card at the wsop
(Image: Robert Goldfarb / Pokerati)

The WSOP’s last year at Binion’s Horseshoe, downtown, was in 2004, which also happened to be Pokerati’s first WSOP. Our traffic then was about 12, and our editorial strategy was to tell friends in Texas what was going on in Las Vegas — complete with results of local players they might recognize from the Dallas underground. To promote this new blog thing, I printed up business cards with this site’s web address and the tagline, “Dude, are you thinking ’bout poker?” I left them atop the urinals at Binion’s men’s rooms (captive audience) and watched the traffic quickly grow to about 40.

It was a good run, but now it’s time for me to move on. Actually, 10 years ago was probably an even better time. But so is now, on the cusp of another poker growth spurt — if not another poker boom, then definitely a poker surge. For certain, a new poker era.


Doyle Brunson Dies

by , May 15, 2023 | 2:04 pm

For years, “Doyle Brunson Dies” has been the default placeholder headline in poker media discussions about how you would handle a super-big story that every news outlet is gonna have, and every player is gonna care about.

Doyle Brunson at the WSOP in 2018.
Doyle Brunson at the WSOP in 2018, where he made his final World Series money finish. (Image: Pokerati)

By now y’all have presumably heard, Doyle Brunson, the Godfather of Poker, Texas Dolly, Ten-Deuce, died Sunday in a Las Vegas hospital at age 89. We all knew it was inevitable — death and taxes, right? — but in recent years we could hear the clock ticking a bit louder …

Brunson literally wrote the book on how we play the game. Sure, a lot has happened since Super/System, in theory or otherwise. But none of the players in today’s game would’ve existed without Doyle Brunson. (Some of today’s crushers weren’t even born until Brunson already had seven or eight World Series of Poker bracelets.)

His final tally, of course, was 10 bracelets, including two in the WSOP Main Event. Even though those won in 1976 and ’77 were against fields the size of an elementary school classroom, back then there was far less dead money for the taking and the players he beat were among the best in the world.

And that’s part of what made Doyle so special. The when didn’t matter — Brunson was ageless, even as he aged. He held his own year after year, session after session … at the WSOP, on the WPT, in Bobby’s Room, on High Stakes Poker, and sometimes even online. He did it all. He wrestled with the old dogs with quiet bravado and took on the young guns without fear. And even as poker evolved, he adjusted, and never stopped playing a winning game.

It’s just part of why he mattered so much — and will continue to matter — to millions in a world he immeasurably shaped.

5 Advanced Online Poker Tips Used by Pros

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If you want to take your online poker game up a notch, you’ve come to the right place where you will learn about the best games and casino sites. In this blog post, we’ll share five advanced tips that top pros use to beat the competition.

Whether you’re playing for fun or trying to turn pro, these tips will help you take your game to the next level. So let’s get started!

Use a Promo Code Before You Join a Poker Table

Joining a poker table can be an intimidating experience, especially for new players. However, if you use any promo codes offered before signing up to play, you can reduce the stress that comes with the unfamiliar territory.

Poker promo codes like the Caesars casino promo code provide several benefits, such as free bets and generous welcome bonuses, monetary discounts, and even the ability to access unique rewards not available to other players. Using a promo code is an essential poker tip that should never be overlooked: it can significantly boost your chances of winning big!


Tips for Playing Ace-Queen Offsuit

by , Aug 26, 2022 | 5:47 pm

Ace-Queen offsuit is one of the most challenging hands to play in poker. On one hand, it’s an incredibly strong hand that’s likely to get you a solid top-pair on the flop with a heavy kicker. On the other hand, there are still a few stronger hands out there that could potentially put you in danger. When it comes to finding success in poker, the devil is in the details. There are very specific ways through which you can go about playing this hand. And it’s important that you know how to get creative on the fly as you adapt to different situations. But for the most part, here are a few things that you want to do with Ace-Queen offsuit, whether you’re playing on a casino online or in real life.

(Image: PokerNews)


When you’re playing pre-flop and someone has raised before it gets to your turn, you might want to 3-bet. This tends to be the smartest move to make unless you’re a big blind who is facing a raise from either the dealer button or the small blind. Otherwise, a 3-bet is a good move because it increases the chances of scaring away players who have been simply limping in. That means that you get rid of garbage pre-flop hands that could potentially net a straight or flush.

If you’re already facing a 3-bet, you can try to push the game with a fourth bet or just call. Either technique works, but just learn to play it by ear. A lot of this depends on how skilled the other players are and how good they are at bluffing or hiding their tells. When you’re facing a 4-bet, you should probably fold. It’s likely that someone already has a high pair or a high-suited connector that will outplay your Ace-Queen.


Difference Between Poker Tournaments and Cash Games

by , Aug 8, 2022 | 10:19 am

Poker is unquestionably one of the most popular casino games in the world. Much of its appeal has to do with the fact that poker is a game of strategy and luck. Most other casino games merely rely on a whole lot of probability and luck on the part of the player. But since poker is a competitive game that pits players against one another, players have more control when it comes to dictating the direction of the game. This level of complexity and competition has allowed the game to grow in immense popularity through the centuries that it’s been played. 

(Image: WSOP)

The game is played by people all over the world. It can be found in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia online casinos because there’s always a high demand for it. These days, almost all online casinos should always offer up poker tables for online gamblers. Poker has cemented itself as a staple in any kind of casino, whether it be online or offline. Some of the best online casinos, or meilleurs casinos en ligne in French, are always going to be equipped with quality poker games.


How To Play Different Poker Hands

by , Jul 6, 2022 | 5:37 pm

Poker is a relatively straightforward game to learn, but one of the most challenging aspects for new players is knowing which hand is worth playing and which isn’t. With 52 cards, there are a lot of different combinations of pocket hands that you can receive at the start of the game. Knowing what each card is worth, both pre and post-flop is an essential part of learning to play poker. Luckily, there are some hands that are much easier and more important to know than others. Below are three main types of hands and how to play them.

(Image: BlackRain79)

Big Pocket Pairs

Big pocket pairs are some of the strongest starting hands in online poker, as you’ve already got a strong pair. This pair could be enough to win on its own or develop into a potential three-of-a-kind or flush later in the game. As a result, this is a hand that you almost always want to play, and you should be playing fairly aggressively from the start. The only way an opponent can already be ahead of you before the flop is if they have a higher pocket pair. However, you should bear in mind that just because it’s a strong starting hand, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. A straight, flush, full house, or three of a kind could still beat you if the flop goes in your opponent’s favor. Big pocket pair examples include AA, QQ, JJ, TT.


How to Read Your Opponents in Online Poker

by , Nov 22, 2021 | 11:20 pm

Poker is a well-loved casino game by many all over the world. One of the reasons why it’s such a beloved casino game is that it incorporates a lot of strategy and logic in terms of proper gameplay, people love it as much as they love to play rtp bos88. Unlike other casino games wherein the outcomes are ultimately determined by chance and luck, poker requires a greater deal of agency on the part of the player.

In fact, it has grown to become a very popular sport to the point wherein televised events like cash games and tournaments are broadcast on television with huge pot prizes. Aside from the typical poker houses and land-based casinos, many people are also flocking to sites like to be able to play their favorite poker games online.

Now, there are always going to be fundamental differences between playing poker online and playing it in person. However, there are certain strategies that apply to both scenarios. In this article, we are going to go over some of the basic tips in reading an opponent in poker. After all, you’re not just playing with yourself in poker.


Live Dealer Casino Poker Games to Explore

by , Jul 29, 2021 | 3:52 pm

Poker players will be the first to admit that even though the game is skill-based, you do need to have a gambling instinct.

The willingness to take a risk to reap the reward also explains why so many players enjoy casino games like dolar138 slot. But it’s not just the traditional blackjack or roulette games that attract their attention. There are several live dealer casino poker games at Betend to enjoy.

And although the casino will always have the house edge, just as it does in every table game and slot machine, understanding the basics of poker, hand rankings, and mathematical probability will undoubtedly improve a poker player’s chances of making a profit on a single session, while if you’re into other games like WoW, you can also go online to get wow gold classic to purchase items in the game as well.

Here are some of the top live dealer casino poker games, which are streamed live from a studio straight to your living room. You get to play along with a real dealer, just as you would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Casino Hold’em

This is the classic casino Texas Hold’em game. Rather than play against other players, everyone plays against the dealer. First, you must place your ante before receiving two hole cards. The dealer also receives two, dealt face down. Next, the three community cards – the flop – are dealt, and now you must decide based upon your poker knowledge.


Mahjong vs. Poker: How Are They Similar?

by , Jun 28, 2021 | 11:39 am

Mahjong and poker are two card games that are often confused and are mistaken for the same game. Even though these games have some similarities when it comes to gameplay, they do share a few differences. Thanks to the fact that online casinos rose to power and players can choose to bet money on both games, playing mahjong and poker has never been easier.

Many players who have played are well-familiar with the fact that they have some differences, but they also share quite a few similarities. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We’ll be looking at both mahjong and poker, check the basics of both types, then name what are the similarities. Let’s start with the mahjong gambling game.

Basics of Mahjong

In the game of mahjong, around 4 players play to win a reward. While this gambling game is often referred to as mah-jongg or mahjong poker, keeping it simple is the best way to help you understand the basics better, which is why we are going to refer to this game as just mahjong.

When players play mahjong, they have a set of 144 tiles that are based on Chinese characters. While some regional variations may have unique mahjong tiles, in most variations, each player starts with 13 tiles.

The goal of mahjong poker is simple – you need to score the so-called mahjong, which is done by collecting all the tiles into four sets and a pair. A pair in mahjong represents two same tiles, while a set represents a pung, which is three same tiles, or a chow (three consecutive numbers in the same suit). If one player manages to do this, then the player wins.

The mahjong scoring rules are quite simple – one point is given to the player hat achieved mahjong and thus, won the hand. Since mahjong poker represents the Chinese culture, there are many players in Asia who are fond of this game and thus, they play mahjong regularly.


Four Best Poker Players of All Time

by , Jun 15, 2021 | 9:47 am

There is nothing more engaging and appealing than a poker game. It doesn’t matter whether it is poker online or poker in a casino, the gaming experience can be really exhilarating and thrilling.

To win it, one has to direct all their concentration, exercise all their patience, and employ all their best strategies.   

Doyle Brunson WSOP
(Image: USA Today)

1. Doyle Brunson 

It looks that no other person loves poker more than Doyle Brunson who started the game early and didn’t leave it until reaching 85. The Texas-born genius was the first player to earn $1 million in poker tournaments. He authored several books on the game and has the distinction of being the two-time World Series of Poker Main Event champion. 

The World Series of Poker first took place in 1970 and Brunson was a regular player there. However, despite making some WSOP championship event final tables, he didn’t win any titles until 1976. That was the year when he won the $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw and the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World Championship. The former American poker player claimed eight more WSOP bracelets over the following years, with his latest victory coming at the $5,000 No Limit Shorthanded Texas Hold’em in 2005. 

Brunson’s tournament earnings amount to around $6 million, and he is widely regarded as one of the most influential forces in the world of poker. He makes regular appearances on televised cash games and so he is one of the most recognized players for poker enthusiasts. 


What You Should Know about Poker in Finland – Past, Present and Future

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As with other Scandinavian countries, gambling and Finns go hand in hand. Gambling and Poker in Finland is a big part of the Finnish entertainment industry and the country’s economy. 

History of poker in Finland

Gambling machines can be found in many places you would not expect to find a gambling device. It helps stimulate the economy and drive value for establishments that typically would not have gambling on their premises. This is made possible by the state-controlled monopoly, regulated through the Lotteries Act. Other countries have started to dissolve the government monopoly. No change has been made in Finland. The most recent change to their laws was an update in the lotteries act in 2001. This change increased player protection in a step to further minimise the harmful effects of problem gambling.

Poker in Finland largely flew under the radar pre-poker boom. Before the 2000s, poker games would be held in underground establishments or at a personal player’s home, away from the long arm of the law. With the regulations in 2001, poker became even less visible in Finland. But it would only be another two years until the online poker boom, which propelled online poker everywhere, including Finland. It was and still is easy to access poker sites online that was not subject to specific laws in Finland.

In the subsequent years. People across Finland found a new hobby and several professional poker players emerged.

Patrik Antonius needs no introduction in Finland. But he was just the start of top poker players to emerge from Finland. (Image: Danny Maxwell)

Best Finnish Poker Players

Juha Helppi is a humble Finnish poker player that made a name for himself by consistently placing well in tournaments. He started playing tournaments when he was 24 years old, in 2001. He won the first-ever Premier League Poker tournament. He has several other notable wins and has amassed over €7 million in tournament earnings.

Illari Sahamies is another great Finnish poker player. Contrary to Helppi, Sahamies is mainly known for his cash game play – ultra-aggressive. In 2009, he was up almost €7 million in one day during a game at Full Tilt Poker, the best poker site at the time. Or as Sahamies would say in Finnish: “Paras pokerisivusto.” An exact figure on how much money Sahamies has amassed in cash games is unknown. His tournament wins exceed €2 million.

Patrik Antonius needs no introduction. Often featured on the list over all-time greats internationally. Without a doubt, the most recognised and known Finnish poker play. From tournament player, Antonius has won over €8 million. These €8 million is just a fraction of what Antonius has made playing cash game at Full Tilt Poker and other sites. Along with live cash games in Las Vegas and Macau.


Daniel Negreanu’s Secrets to Being a Poker Champion

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Daniel Negreanu is one of the most respected names in all of poker, whether it be in the online world or in the physical world. He is a true poker professional who has been around for many years and he still continues to win at a high level. Recently, Daniel came out with a Masterclass on his poker strategy and techniques. This is great news for anyone who wants to achieve the same kind of success that he has had over the years. Whether you’re playing on the best online casinos or in local tournaments at your nearby poker club, all of the principles remain the same. Here are some of the best tournament tips and secrets from the man himself.

Start Slow

Daniel says that one of the keys to winning tournaments is to start off slow. You don’t want to come out with guns blazing. You want to get a rhythm for the game as you warm up to the people at your table. Observe their betting patterns and try to see how you’re feeling for the night. There’s no need to start going all-in at the start. Get a feel for the game and gradually ease into things. 


Who Is The Best at Poker: Women vs. Men

by , Feb 1, 2021 | 12:26 pm

The world of poker is dominated by men. It has been for centuries and is only changing a little bit with the presence of online gaming and women-only poker tournaments. Poker used to be a favourite pastime of men while women were taking care of the children and house chores. At present, there are a lot more famous male poker players than females and top male players make more money than their female counterparts. But are men better at poker? In this article, we are trying to figure this one out.

We are discussing the demographics of poker with a blogger from Canada Michelle Thomas. Michelle is familiar with the online gaming business and you can read more about her here.


Male vs female gambling at a glance

Gambling, in general, is a male-dominated industry. This comes down to the differences between men and women in characteristics. Men like to compete and they like the feel of adrenaline rushing through their veins, whereas women are more like caretakers who try to avoid unnecessary risks.

According to statistics, only around 10% of poker players are female. This figure is even lower on live poker tournaments where the number is usually below 5%. When it comes to online poker, it is estimated that around one-third of all players are female but it is hard to be certain as often female poker players pretend to be males in poker rooms to avoid sexist comments.

If you want to test your poker skills in a real money online casino Canada check out some casino reviews before signing up in one.


Zahlungsmethoden in Online Casinos

by , Jan 21, 2021 | 2:14 pm

Eine der zentralen Fragen, die sich Spieler stellen, wenn sie in einem neuen Online Casino Zeit verbringen, ist, mit welchen Zahlungsmethoden der Anbieter aufwartet. Wussten Sie, dass es mittlerweile für so gut wie jeden Spielertyp und jede Situation eine passende Zahlungsmethode gibt und dass sich mittlerweile spezielle Zahlungsdienstleister gezielt auf Zahlungen in Online Casinos spezialisiert haben für den Dienst an Wizardslots?

german casino chips

Wir liefern Ihnen im Zuge dieses Ratgebers einen kurzen Überblick, welche Zahlungsmethode sich für welchen Spielertyp eignet. Und wir liefern Ihnen einen kurzen Ausblick, wie sich das Angebot an Zahlungsmethoden in Online Casinos 2021 verändern wird. Hier spielt unter anderem der zukünftige deutsche Glücksspielstaatsvertrag eine Rolle.

Für jeden die passende Zahlungsmethode: Das müssen Sie wissen

Wer heute online in einem Casino spielt, der macht das auch, um echtes Geld zu gewinnen. Und um am Echtgeldspiel teilnehmen zu können, muss natürlich erst einmal mit einer der angebotenen Zahlungsmethoden eingezahlt werden. Dafür stehen in der Regel unterschiedliche Optionen zur Verfügung. Ein gutes Online Casino bietet Ihnen hier immer die Möglichkeit, Ihre Kreditkarte zu nutzen. Zusätzlich sollte eine deutsche Online Banking Option wie die Sofortüberweisung oder Giropay akzeptiert werden. Dass Sie auch mit der klassischen Banküberweisung einzahlen können, sollte ebenfalls gegeben sein.


Different Poker Variants around the World

by , Jan 5, 2021 | 1:27 pm

While Texas Hold’em is currently the most played type of Poker in the world, there’s over a dozen other variants – many of which are also quite popular. Some variants have almost exactly the same rules and gameplay, but in some cases there are significant differences which have an impact on how easy the game is to learn.

Big Slick - Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different Poker variants which are played in the US and beyond, with an outline of their key differences and their relative popularity.

Texas Hold’em

As mentioned, Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular type of Poker game in the world, so you should have no trouble finding a place to play it at a card room, an online casino or a dedicated Poker gaming site.

Furthermore, Texas Hold’em has been the most televised Poker variant for around the last two decades. This is, in part, responsible for its surge in popularity in the 2000s and 2010s.

It’s an easy game to learn, though it isn’t necessarily the easiest Poker game for newbies to master.