Online Poker Pro Scandal?

by , Oct 2, 2005 | 4:20 pm

It’s not often that we see a comment on this blog that merits its own post. In fact, this is the first time … as a certain scoop-minded Grant in Dallas reports to us something that seems worthy of an appearance on Pokerati’s front page:

I always wondered if the Poker Pros really Play on Ulitmate Bet. It turns out at least one doesn’t. I was watching Phil Hellmuth play on UB when I remembered I was planning on going to go see him at the Barnes and Noble in Dallas tonight.

At 7:30pm CT I called Barnes and Noble, and to my surprise, he was there, speaking! The very moment he was playing a hand on Ultimate Bet.

I exposed the situation to the others in the Online card room, I even gave out the Phone number to Barns and Noble. Many players called and confirmed: IT WAS NOT Phil Hellmuth Playing under his UB screen name.

I play at UB and I am a big fan of the site. But having someone pretend to be a pro is a SCAM. People play against the pros for the thrill. Some even play looser than usual. Just to “beat the pro.” That is why I am so troubled by all this.

There is no proof UB is aware Phil does not play under his name. But I have the proof, on at least this nite, he does not.

I am a seasoned TV Journalist who knows how to nail down a story. And I know a Con when I see one. Those playing against the so called “Phil Hellmuth” on UB Sat Night at 7:30 were duped.

The question remains: How many other times have we been duped?

UPDATE: Phil Hellmuth responds directly to Grant’s big call-out here.

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