Sneak preview of the A&E video footage?

by , Jun 30, 2006 | 1:53 am

Check it out … three hotties just out of smart-girl college decide to hit the underground poker circuit (and then Las Vegas). Suddenly lives are on the line and cards really matter. Who knew our lives could be so sexy? Click here to watch the trailer.

9 Comments to “Sneak preview of the A&E video footage?”

  1. TBR

    The best part about this post is that Dan wrote it at 1:53 a.m. in Dallas, and yet he has to drive to Vegas by Saturday. The Raccoon should make a nice impression while trying to argue for his media credentials.

  2. Uncle Ray

    Relax, it’s only June. He doesn’t need to be there until JULY. C’mon, think using Danlogic. (I can’t believe I just suggested that)

  3. Vegas

    This is gonna be AWESOME!

  4. Dealer Zach

    Bicycle cards and walmart chips hmmm, high budget film I see….

    Oh, And they go to vegas for a high stakes game ON A DINNER TABLE?

  5. on tilt

    combine that with the 2nd rate acting and you have a B-movie for the ages

  6. Ed

    I thought it was “Tilt: The Movie” for a bit there! Was getting excited.


  7. DanM

    They also use Todd and Sommer’s favorite cheating cards.

  8. dbirider

    Some preview. I felt like I just watched the whole movie!

  9. tk money

    i smell OSCAR