Aces’ post-jail spam

by , Jun 26, 2006 | 12:13 pm

Got an email from Aces … and though I am pretty sure about 85 percent of all Pokerati readers have received the same email two or three times already:

Thank you for your patronage.

First off, we would like to welcome the DPD and SWAT to the list. I hope you enjoyed the action. BTW, do you have as many cops looking for this missing two year old as you sent over last night? Well, it was fun while it lasted and while it sucks for us, this has been going for 30+ years and will be for the next 30+.

Lastly, we are asking our players if they know a poker/vice friendly and experienced attorney. We have a few poker friendly lawyers but we are really looking for one with extensive non-drug vice defense experience. Asian tan, 8 liner etc type of cases.



Indeed, lawyers, it’s time to step up. Yes, we know you already give plenty to the game in the form of rebuys … but what you do here/now could have a real impact on your ability to donkey off chips in the future.

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  1. TBR

    To me, it seems like a lawyer could help in obtaining a lenient sentence, but beyond that, itseems like the law, as written, is clear with respect to a place like Aces.

  2. DanM

    TBR, you act as if RESULTS are what matter.

    Besides, no one needs help getting a lenient sentence. The prosecutors have historically taken care of that in Texas … they will plea down as low as they need to go to keep poker from going to trial.

  3. Aces

    We are not looking for probono but say we(and alot of the ticketed players) wanted to go to trial, get found guilty and try to appeal the law on grounds that it is a game of skill. We would probably need the discount rate.
    We are not sure what we are going to do yet but are open to input.

  4. TBR

    Why would you want to repeal the law? Wouldn’t that effectively put you out of business?

  5. Aces

    We are already. It was a nice niche with out says too much publically but we were always poker players first.

  6. Jonathan

    I’m wondering why this has received NO media attention…a google news search turns up nothing…has the DPD and DA quashed the story until they hit a few more rooms?

  7. Aces

    Surely, they can’t influence free press.

  8. Chris Rebuy

    Aces, send me an e-mail at I have the contact info for the attorney that represented the Legacy in McKinney. They were able to dodge all charges because of a search/seisure violation. They got all the cash and chips back that were taken, and all charges were dismissed.

  9. DanM

    “dodging” poker charges is just like dodging a bad river, that’s all. Time and time again prosecutors in just about everywhere except Lubbock REF– USE to let the poker people they bust have their day in court. Go ahead, someone with the pettiest of ticket … please plea not-guilty and insist on a jury trial. See what happens.

    The city of Dallas just raised — significantly. What’s your next move?

  10. lavigne


    you can email me at

    I have a lawyer out of Houston with good Dallas contacts who has been doing gaming law. Although he has mainly been doing stuff related to 8-liners etc, he is a pitbull and smart as hell.

    also, I’d be happy to help you with your press strategy, as this is what i do for a living…

  11. Jason


    Here’s the media coverage of the Aces bust.

    News story:

    They are calling it the ‘largest raid and seizure ever, on an illegal poker operation in Dallas’

    – Jason

  12. Kevin

    Well, as far as no media coverage, use this link to KTVT 11 News from last night….

  13. Sande

    I can’t speak for the rest of the poker world, only for myself, but I don’t doubt that any of us would be more than happy to “fight the fight”; however, that fight is extremely costly, time consuming and potentially life-altering, especially if any felony charges are waved around such as with us and the cases are lost in the courtroom. Now I don’t know about the rest of you …. but I am a woos that just cannot see myself surving in a prison atmosphere. So yeah, if I’m offered a sweet plea with no jail time to have it done and over with … I’m taking it. It’s easy to be on the other side of the fence saying fight fight fight when you’re not the one getting beat up. Nothing personal … just my view.

  14. Ed

    Agreed Sande. I too fear prison anal rape.