Big Shiny Prizes

by , Jun 25, 2006 | 5:39 am

toc trophyIf you’re playing in the Lodge TOC today/tomorrow, you should be asleep right now. The rest of you can enjoy a sneak peak at what is arguably the coolest poker trophy to date.

Big prizes on the line … the winner also gets a $1,000 WSOP package.
2nd place: a beautiful Sadler & Carter table.
3rd place: the best set of home game chips we can find.

A few other special prizes in the mix as well. Maybe.

Also, dictatorial executive decision, made under the influence of Tuaca earlier this weekend … We’ll be choosing seats White Elephant style. That means we’ll do a random seat draw like normal. But then the top 5 finishers in the overall point standings will get to rechoose his or her seat, in reverse order. So Player of the Year, Bob Haney, gets the final say on where he’d like to sit.

The White Elephant poker plug-in is not addressed in Robert’s Rules of Poker, so we’ll be trying to establish the precedent: Dealers are to high-card for the button before the seat-changes occur.

5 Comments to “Big Shiny Prizes”

  1. Ed

    I sure hope you are not gaying up the event with this White Elephant seat stunt. I heard you guys talking about it Friday night right before I headed out and was hoping the booze would make you forget the next morning. 🙂


  2. Tim B.

    hey, thats just what every tournament that aspires to have a “big event” feel needs… a little gayness just so you dont forget that you arent REALLY playing in a big event. sigh

  3. Karridy

    Am I the only person who has no idea what that is a picture of?

  4. Ed

    the engraving on the first place trophey. a knight helmet. 🙂


  5. DanM

    Karridy, are you serious? You are the one person who had a “sneak” peak a few weeks ago … as we discussed something very similar for the Inagural Pokerati Online Invitational and the SWPI.

    I’ll give you a hint: this device was essential to winning a “tournament” way back in the day.