Birth of a Crackdown?

by , Jun 25, 2006 | 4:08 am

I’m not ready to declare the sky on Dallas poker falling, but it has for certain turned rather green. (Look, over there! I think it’s a wall cloud!) With the Channel 8 “expose” and the Dallas SWAT raid … there’s one other piece of info I heard recently that might also fit into the picture. Just a few days ago, a well-connected Omaha player witnessed a raid on an 8-liner room in Dallas. Cops hauled off a truckload of machines. Not sure on the location (ever wonder why there is no GuinnessandEightliner or Tao of Video Poker?), but I seem to recall hearing that there were some arrests.

Also heard that two other rooms were raided Saturday night … but I am starting to doubt that, because games are still running around town and the only buzz is “Aces.”

3 Comments to “Birth of a Crackdown?”

  1. kool herc

    just to add to the rumor mill — i was at Aces last night and upon getting ticketed and released, myself and another player started talking to the producer of the Dallas SWAT show who told the other player, who was on his way to another game, to be careful as they were making more raids that night.

  2. Chris Rebuy

    The sky is falling! The sky is FALLING!

  3. BigSlick75093

    I know someone who knows someone who said he’s played with Dale Hansen from Channel at one of the Dallas clubs (Maybe 3rd pair). I take it someone let Hansen know this was going to come down.