How a Thought Becomes a Law

by , Jun 26, 2006 | 12:39 pm

And with proper discourse, so the wheels begin to turn … check out the Bud Kennedy column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the prospects for more-legal gambling in Texas.

As I started reading, I began to grumble a bit … it didn’t seem like poker was being separated from slot machines in the discussion. But thankfully (you’ll see about halfway down the story) Lavigne in Austin steps up to bring the possibility of small, non-Harrah’s poker rooms into the equation.

I know a lot of poker rooms around town fear that legalized poker would actually put them out of business … but that’s not necessarily true. Future gambling bills are just starting to be written. The Texas Poker PAC is already aware of these concerns, and is working with the bill-writers (and other political entities) to address them accordingly in any future legislation. Local poker rooms (particularly the good ones) really should be making some regular contributions. It’s in their own selfish interest. And beyond that, $500 a month would go a long way toward looking out for the long-term interests of their players.

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