Platinum Room Closed

by , Jun 27, 2006 | 4:27 pm

Just got word from a super-reliable source that the Platinum Room is also “taking a break.” Doors are shut.

Er, anyone wanna go to Vegas?

(And in answer to the commentors in the previous post, there was no raid … but there were some cops checking out an errant burglar alarm next door … which may or may not be a nice way to set up a great green room for the TV show!)

24 Comments to “Platinum Room Closed”

  1. Woody

    I think I may cry.

  2. Ed

    Anyone have a home game going?


  3. DanM

    Don’t tell Deco Chic this … but I actually did.

  4. jpsvetteowner

    PLEASE don’y make me have to go to Winstar…

  5. alicia

    How am I going to feed myself now?!?!?

    I now have 40 extra hours a week with nothing to do. Maybe I’ll start up a meth lab. That’ll be a better use of my time.

    Anyone have the recipe?

  6. Chris

    How depressing. I was going to make the freeroll for this month. :~(

  7. AC

    Well now Texas Hold’em has a whole new meaning. Hold’em at he jail apparently…


    Anybody want to play me heads up LOL

  9. Barry

    None of this will change until we vote these superconservative idiots out of office. I’m tired of people trying to push their moral agendas on the rest of us. It’s not 1984, but BIG Brother is truly watching.

  10. Woody

    Good timing on Platinum’s part…second-hand info says SWAT showed up last night around 10:30.

    Dan, have your sources/contacts confirmed that?

  11. Sande

    Alicia … you’d probably be in a safer legal position opening a meth lab …. heard of one of those being busted lately???

  12. SDiva

    I know I’m gonna cry…anybody playing anywhere with a non-smoking room? I gotta play! Addiction, what do you mean, addiction…
    If any of the Rounders Peeps are playing anywhere, email me!!!

  13. DanM

    Woody, this is the first I have heard. But I will do some checking and see what we can find out. My gut instinct is to doubt it, simply because there is no TV show called “Addison SWAT.”

    (Anyone who has any info about this, please let me know.)

  14. DanM

    Sande, no busted meth labs recently as far as I know … but that might have something to do with their not sending out mass emails or looking to pimp out their business on Meth-erati dot com.

  15. Chris Rebuy

    I’m glad the WSOP is approaching. Look for me in event 17. More cheesy poker pics to add to myspace.

  16. Stan

    Nice timing on Platinum’s part too – between the bad beat jackpot and the freeroll prize pool, that’s about $70K in “Platinum Rewards” (a/k/a extra rake) that the house now gets to keep.

  17. DanM

    These are the times, Stan, where we’ll find out who’s word means what. I, personally, happen to believe the guys at Platinum … that they never saw that money they were holding onto as theirs. They address your concerns directly here.

  18. Platinum Room

    Stan –

    Every cent of the Bad Beat and the Freeroll will be returned to the players that contributed to it. Any players that frequented the Platinum Room should write us at and make sure that you are on our e-mail list. We will notify our members of future developments via our e-mail list. Dan is correct – that was never our money – it always belonged to the players – we were simply custodians of it.

  19. Phoenix

    You know what people say about people who ASSume.

  20. alicia

    It’s been 2 days now since I’ve been able to have a high carb, high calorie dinner all for a tip. Now I wake up @ 3:00 am wondering where my middle of the night grilled cheese sandwich is. My cravings for hanging out with my friends while trying to take all their money are about as bad as my day 5 of quitting smoking. Maybe I chose a bad time to quit?

    Seriously though, are there ANY 1/2 games left in town? The only ones that I know of are bigger games that I don’t want to play.

  21. alicia

    did I say day 5? i meant day 6 🙂

  22. Doc John

    Alicia, I lost the meth recipe but still have a chili recipe you might like…low carb…secret ingredient: Marlboro lites…& while I’m at it I agree with Barry’s comment. I’ve joined up with the PAC in Austin and encourage others to donate as well as visit the website (DanM has the link on his home page)…reliable source from high up told me that the driving force behind the raid(s) was not casino competition, not Al Qaeda, but in fact the moral majority and the religious right putting pressure on DPD to stamp out sin. There is a political race for DA (District Attorney)…Never mind crack, heroin, child abuse, drunk drivers, urban violence, etc etc etc. BIG QUESTION: IF ONE OF OUR ROUNDER DEALERS GOT HAULED IN, AS WAS POSTED, IS ANYONE HELPING THEM OUT? THESE ARE NOT PEOPLE WHO HAVE A LOT OF DOUGH TO HIRE A LAWYER…People rag on our dealers sometimes, but I have to say that by and large these folks have done a great job. I miss seeing you guys and hope that we can soon exercise our right of freedom of assembly as well as our rights with regard to pursuit of happiness…

  23. brian

    Hopefully the boys will regroup soon and get something going again. Maybe outside Dallas county would be better. If anyone hears of a 1/2 game that’s not in OK, tell me!!!

  24. Doc John

    I spent last night in Baton Rouge. Has anyone ever played over here on either of the riverboats? Looks like all they have is video poker. Without B or Dave dealing even a decent casino wouldn’t have been the same. Plus, Gus’s sister wouldn’t be there. Anyone for a Rounder general assembly meeting out in a public park somewhere? I haven’t been in a demonstration since 1969 when we marched on Washington. I sure could use a couple of those Big Texas cinnamon rolls from the venue down near Walnut Hill. Even the spaghetti from the other place would taste good. Sounds like “The Sopranos”…”Hey, you know ‘that thing’ we were talking about…yeah…well the guy we know did that thing you said you needed…at that place…yeah…it’s the thing…you know…okay.”