Re: Undercover Underground

by , Jun 24, 2006 | 4:57 pm

FrontBurner reports on the outing of Dallas poker rooms. Well done, Paul K. Way to be on top of things … except for the mistake you have about Top Shelf being on Walnut Ridge. (It is not … the other room exposed is the one on Walnut Ridge.) Inconsequential error, I know. But in the future, you may want to turn to Pokerati for your breaking poker news instead of a site built on stolen content — especially when the Channel 8 story it steals already has a few errors of its own.

(NOTE: Kinda funny that the tagline on the stolen story is “FRAUD”?)

3 Comments to “Re: Undercover Underground”

  1. david

    aces just got show cops and all…

  2. Scott Chaffin

    Once again, legacy media falls flat on their face. Man bites dog, hold the presses.

    Suggest you call yourself Pokerati Mag, Dan.

  3. steve

    The cliche that seems to be most appropriate…”Follow the Money”.

    At least in terms of identifying the motive for the sudden interest in closing Dallas underground poker clubs. If you have been to Winstar lately…or Durant…then you know exactly what I mean. The same thing happened years ago when poker opened in Shreveport. It is not only likely that the incentive…i.e. the money…driving these police “attacks”…is coming from our Indian friends to the north. I had heard about this as something that was going to happen several months ago and now it has.

    Perhaps, something good will come out of it in terms of motivating and organizing…although doubtful…the poker community to get involved in the legalization effort.