Undercover Underground

by , Jun 19, 2006 | 11:51 pm

Just came home to a couple voicemails telling me about a story on Channel 8 tonight … about underground poker in Dallas. Haven’t seen the piece yet, but sources say the hidden-camera footage took place at The Lounge. Not sure how different it is from the story Sarah Dodd did two years ago … or if there are other places yet to be shown. But you know, Belo might be on to something …

UPDATE: Rounder Club exposed?

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  1. TommyTwoToes

    someone told me that they were saying “top shelf”…

    anyone have a link to the video?

  2. david

    i just saw the re-run ..not good they showed the rounders site and under cover clip @lounge and a place in garland …

  3. DanM

    I saw it as well … they hit up Top Shelf and The Lounge. The reporter did an adequate, relatively fair job with the story, but only scratched the surface … as it seemed like he might think the Rounder Club and the Lounge were one in the same.

  4. Dealer Zach

    I just watched 2 re-runs on it and MY NAME is on it. They called them casino’s which I’ve never heard before. Oh and boo on the lounge for just letting someone they don’t know walk in and say, take a look if you like.

  5. Jason

    This is the video:

  6. TommyTwoToes


    here is the link for those of yall insterested . someone posted it over on my site, and thought would share the knowledge. disturbing that in the videos they clearly show the addresses.

  7. Woody

    Video link posted on the main page of wfaa.com

  8. Chris Rebuy

    Some people need to exercise some common sense. Also, let’s not make any clarification of the “facts” reported in this news clip.

    Still a bad beat for all.

  9. DanM

    It seems that Mr. Harris — who didn’t know how to look at his cards the right way — believes the Rounder Club and The Lounge are one in the same. Silly journalist.

    He also makes the statement in his lede that if they make money it’s illegal … RC, I am told, has all sorts of records to show that the club doesn’t make a dime of profit. All those membership fees they collect go back to the players.

  10. lavigne

    i doubt the rounder club is threatened by this as much as the locations they are playing in…

  11. TBR

    Um, doesn’t the club make money by raking the pot? And I think “making money” is different than a profit. These clubs are clearly illegal under any interpretation of current Texas law.

  12. DanM

    The Rounder Club is a loose assortment of players. They don’t run any sort of establishment that takes a rake. They simply do legal social gambling in illegal venues.

    (Go Rounders!)

  13. Dan R

    I finally branch out and started visiting a few rooms a few weeks ago (Muirfield, Aces and DPC) and now this crap starts happening……NICE…..

    Do you think he is timing his article to coincide with the WSOP starting here soon?

    Dan R.

  14. DanM

    No, clearly not. Byron Harris didn’t even know how to hold his cards …

  15. Pokerati — Texas hold’em blog — semi-live at the WSOP » Blog Archive » Re: Undercover Underground

    […] Frontburner reports on the outing of Dallas poker rooms. Well done, Paul K. Way to be on top of things … except for the mistake you have about Top Shelf being on Walnut Ridge. (It is not … the other room exposed is the one on Walnut Ridge.) Inconsequential error, I know. But in the future, you may want to turn to Pokerati for your breaking poker news instead of a site built on stolen content — especially when the Channel 8 story it steals already has a few errors of its own. […]