As (Not?) Seen on TV

by , Jul 6, 2006 | 1:23 am

From the dept. of: Ooops!

The final table of the $5,000 NLHE event at the WSOP looks to be the most exciting yet. Marcel Luske, Vinny Vinh, and Isabelle Mercier are all there … so is Phil Hellmuth, with his record-tying 10th bracelet on the line.

But who’s not there is ESPN. Their crews have gone home for the weekend. I actually have a sidebet with Pauly. My $1 against his says they will be there … certainly word will spread in time for them to capture a little potential history, right? We’ll find out tomorrow. (For the record, I was willing to put up more; he’s the pussy.)

4 Comments to “As (Not?) Seen on TV”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    Who wins the bet if ESPN hires a temporary ENG crew to lightly cover the final table? That’s my bet. Can I get $1 action on that option?

    I should probably make this offer to Pauly, since that would eat into your possibilities of winning the bet. (As an impartial arbiter, I would rule that a two-man ENG crew qualifies as ESPN coverage.)

  2. DanM

    I would agree. The spirit of the bet was whether or not there would be a TV crew working the table. Even if they are subcontracted, their checks will still come from ESPN. (Right?)

  3. Terry Brazil

    I for one am starting to get fed up with Phil. I can understand that will be a big thing and I know it is bound to happen sometime in the near future. But damn I have heard so much about him lately. Everywhere I turn it seems like it is Phil this and Phil that. I personally want to see him loose.

    As far as the coverage goes. You sure as hell know they will hire someone in there to get it taped. This would be to big of a thing to pass up.

    Terry Brazil

  4. Ed

    I don’t think they got any big crew to tape it. From what I understand it was a great final table with a great heads up battle between a pro and an internet amateur…the pro (Phil) lost. The only camera was one guy they had run in there to film highlights. Would love to have seen the full thing take place.