Crazy Ladies

by , Jul 10, 2006 | 1:59 am

LAS VEGAS–They’re down to the money in the $1,000 Ladies event. La Sengphet is sitting as an above-average stack, and though I can’t get a good look at the size of her stacks, the lovely (and recently married, I heard?) Chantel McNulty has also cashed. The celebrity still alive is Mimi Rogers.

It’s after midnight here in Vegas, and they’re still at 8 tables. Yet WSOP authorities are saying they are gonna make the women play down to a final table of 9. That could take til 6 am! (And this is a tourney that started an hour earlier than usual — 11 am.) Will be interesting to see how they resolve this one. The problem is that tomorrow’s event — $1,000 NLHE — is already sold out. More than 2,100 buy-ins so far, with presumably a few hundred alternates TK. So they need the table space.

The big $10k Omaha event is also still going on, so they’ll have a few tables of that to finnagle as well. Good logistical fun.

(PREDICTION: By 3:30 or 4 am they will decide to call it a night for the Ladies.)

UPDATE: They’re down to 30 at 3 am. Gonna play down to 18. Play will resume at 4 pm tomorrow. La is still in it with a well-above-average stack.

The other big stack at her table is a tall skinny Asian women with very noticeable knockers and shorts smaller than those being worn by the Milwaukee’s Best Light Garage girls. I may or may not have gotten a peak at something I wasn’t supposed to when she got up to stretch.

5 Comments to “Crazy Ladies”

  1. alicia

    GO LA!!!! Way to represent the ladies of Dallas!!

    Drinks on La! 🙂

  2. Ed

    “I may or may not have gotten a peak at something I wasn’t supposed to when she got up to stretch.”

    Who cares about getting a peek! (or did you really get a peak from it?) I just want to know…did you get a pic of her?!


  3. Derek Boswell

    Let me guess, when she got up to stretch you had your digital voice recorder and not your camera phone?? If not, then your grade has to go down to a D!!!

  4. david

    La Sengphet is eliminated by Shawnee Barton when Barton made an open ended straight draw on the river with Q9 against Sengphet’s flopped top pair. For her efforts she will recieve $6,672.

  5. Lori the Dealer

    Chantel is not married! I talked to her during the 2k plhe event and…… not so much.