Credit Card Roulette

by , Jul 24, 2006 | 12:37 pm

LAS VEGAS–My success in prop betting continues. Yesterday I joined a contingent of Dallas pros and semi-pros at PF Chang’s for dinner. In the end, our bill for the six of us (with tip factored in) was $160 … so about $27 each.

Generally it does not make good sense to risk $160 to win $27 … but in this game, I liked my chances. We each laid down a credit card … shuffled them … and handed them to the waiter, who had no clue whose was whose. “Pick one,” we told him … and he did.

For a brief second he looked ready to nab my blue BankOne card (unaware BankOne no longer exists?). Since I was seated just a few inches from where he stood, I momentarily considered giving him a shove. But it was not relevant, as he shuffled them a little more and then drew a card. A guy named Jared — sorry, dude, don’t know your last name — had to bite the bullet.

Net: +$27

One Comment to “Credit Card Roulette”

  1. Al

    Very fun game…but we do it where the waiter keeps picking out cards–those are safe, last one left is the buyer. More suspense, more drunken fun….