by , Jul 5, 2006 | 4:14 pm

LAS VEGAS–Poker is as poker does …

The notorious Neverwin Poker‘s DUSTIN WOLFE is kicking butt in the $5k NLH event — he’s already made the money and is in solid chip position.

OLIVER TSE has (temporarily?) skipped town while an administrative process to decide on the revocation of his media credential — for writing something bad about HARRAH’S/ESPN — has supposedly begun. Continued kudos to Oliver for being the kind of journalist bloggers can love, and for bringing important poker issues to the fore.

Question: if he were just a player and/or fan at this major public event, could they stop him from posting his mind?

One avid poker player who won’t be at the WSOP is GREG HOGAN. (Too bad, too, because he could win his tuition playing on the site that just signed MICHAEL “THE GRINDER” MIZRACHI to represent.)

Speaking of blogging … it’s always nice to see a prominent NON-POKER BLOGGER blogging about his adventures at the WSOP.

Super-nice high roller BARRY GREENSTEIN just signed on with the PokerStars Team, joining GREG RAYMER, JOE HACHEM, CHRIS MONEYMAKER, HUMBERTO BRENES, ISABELLE MERCIER, WIL WHEATON et al.



Owners of PARTYPOKER are selling some of their shares of the multibillion-dollarpound company that the US wants to make fully illegal, even though 9 out of 10 of their customers are American.

PARTY also wants in on the SPORTS-BETTING biz.

3 Comments to “Insta-wsop”

  1. Jonathan

    About this Oliver Tse issue…I read a little bit about it on the web, and read his letter…and he kinda comes off as a sniveler to me. Did he lose any money to Dutch Boyds online room? Does anyone he knows lose any money to the site? Prolly not I’m thinking. Did he have any hard quotes from people who lost money to the site? Nope. So…he picks up an issue that is mostly dead (as in a horse) and continues to beat it, without much semblance of journalism. It looks to me like he wrote a whiney letter to the wrong people and is getting a lesson in STFU right about now.

    If this guy is so concerned about Dutch Boyd making good, then why doesn’t he just approach the guy and say something thoughtful and useful in a civil manner? It doesn’t seem like slamming ESPN for not sticking their nose in something that doesn’t concern them is working too well.

    (who is having a terrible time trying to find a decent game in Dallas)

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