Just for certain Batfaces

by , Jul 11, 2006 | 5:07 am

06wsop0187LAS VEGAS–While Tulsa was grinding his way to the final table at a Caesar’s tourney a few days ago, some of the Batface bustouts couldn’t help but notice a certain beautiful girl at the table. They wanted me to take her picture. I wanted to take her picture, too. But knowing a thing or two about time and place, particularly when it pertains to the purrrty casino photography rules, I declined … or so it seemed. Indeed, patience is a part of the game … So here she is, fellas, as per your desires. Click to enlarge.

(It shoulda been obvious that she was at Caesar’s just warming up for the WSOP Ladies event.)

Her phone number, by the way, is 702-382-6366. She wants you to call.

ALT HED: Stalkerati?


4 Comments to “Just for certain Batfaces”

  1. fawcett

    I knew you would make it happen…I can only say that picture sadly does not do ANY JUSTICE whatsoever. But great work Dantana.

  2. DanM

    Have you called her yet, Fawcett? She was asking specifically about you.

  3. fawcett

    My flight leaves in 45 minutes….

  4. donkeypuncher

    Adding this one to my collection…