Lodge TOC Pics

by , Jul 5, 2006 | 4:26 pm

Lodge Tournament of Champions

Photos (by Jennifer Browning) are in from Event #3 of PSOP♦06 — the Lodge Tournament of Champions. Some of you won’t care about this, others will … but either way, the shots are good fun (work-safe, too … mostly).

Get a table and chips like the ones pictured above at Sadler & Carter, my favorite place for poker supplies.


3 Comments to “Lodge TOC Pics”

  1. Ed

    Very nice pics, Jen! Something is missing though. I see no shots of my ostrich egg shaped head. Did it not fit in a pic or did they all come out bad from my pastey white skin?


  2. DanM

    Ed, I know she tried to get one of everybody. Perhaps you busted out too soon?

  3. Ed

    well i know that is true…but there are a few of me…my vision is poor now from the flashes to prove it. 🙂 no biggie…just wondering if there were any of my big mug.