More Omaha than You might know what to do with

by , Jul 17, 2006 | 9:12 pm

LAS VEGAS–Right now the final table of an Omaha Hi-Lo event is underway. And two other Omaha tourneys just got started today. But it’s kinda weird, because one of the events wasn’t on the schedule. In a nutshell, the plan was for a $1,500 PLO event. But then the Europeans started complaining that there should be rebuys. WSOP officials relented, and outta nowhere declared, OK, rebuys it is!

Well that didn’t leave a lot of people who registered for the event — thinking it would cost them $1,500 instead of, say, $6k — very happy, and they started withdrawing. So the poker gods decided to go back to the original plan, and then to appease the Europeans, added a $1,500 PLO (w/ rebuys) … which got started at 4 pm today.

The ever-Dallasy Robert Williamson is currently playing in both. He’s seated next to David Williams in one event, and Greg Raymer in the other.

2 Comments to “More Omaha than You might know what to do with”

  1. yuri

    Seems to me a lot of the pros are becoming big babies. If you had told them ten years ago that they would have thousands of amateurs coming to donate their money in tournaments and side games they would have been ecstatic. Now that it’s come to pass they do nothing but bellyache.

  2. Ed

    I blame the FrenchEuropeans. Friggin whiners…all of em!