Must-see Poker TV

by , Jul 23, 2006 | 8:17 pm

LAS VEGAS–Jen Leo’s episode of PokerDome airs tonight … 9 pm central. She may be no Rhowena Colclough, but perhaps she could be? I mean by winning. Not by doing soft porn. I mean not that Jen wouldn’t make good soft porn, er, I mean …

Also, here’s Otis eating two keno crayons for $400. I missed this part of the night — I guess I’m outta drinking shape, because I passed out by 2:30 am and — very strangely — was awake before 9 am. Just pacing myself. The party week kicks off tonight — John Phan is throwing a party for Liz Lieu at Pure. I just finagled my way onto the guest list. A little disappointing that her publicist didn’t know how to spell my last name, while Pauly is on the guest list simply as “Pauly.”

Seriously, if he says he’s “Paul McGuire,” he’ll get turned away. But “Hi, I’m Pauly,” will do the trick … even without slipping the door dude a $100 bill.

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