The Norm MacDonald of Poker

by , Jul 4, 2006 | 9:49 pm

LAS VEGAS–Norm MacDonald popped into the media center last night (at 4:20 am, almost on the dot) when I was all by my lonesome, and we talked a little single-table strategy. Though he’s no pro, the former SNL Newscaster apparently is no slouch at the tables — at least not at those in the sit-n-go section.

Click below to hear what he’s got to say about shifting gears and chopping pots.

Also interesting that he gives credit to my new corporate gigsters at PartyPoker … and yet today there was a special mingling at the PokerStars suite. Either he’s not sure who’s buying him into all these tournaments or it doesn’t really matter because he’s better than James Woods.

4 Comments to “The Norm MacDonald of Poker”

  1. DanM

    Can you people hear this? At first it was too loud … now it seems too quiet. I’m still figuring out this audio/podcast thing … so let me know what works and doesn’t work for you.

  2. lavigne

    way to go dave.

  3. Tulsa

    “Dave, right?”


    “Dan. Right.”


  4. Gigohead


    I have some great photos of Norm at the room. I have the files if you wish to post them on the blog.