Not Much Fun while It Didn’t Last

by , Jul 18, 2006 | 5:46 pm

photo by Amy CalistriLAS VEGAS–I’m out. Got eliminated from the $1,500 NLHE event in the first hand after the first break. Grrr.

I even had a nice stack of chips after cracking Olga Varkonyi’s aces. I moved in with 10s, another strong (but aggressive) player moved in with Jacks, and the better half of the most disrespected bracelet winner insta-called with Aces. A jack came on the flop, and my straight came on the turn. Awesome. From there I proceeded to play great, until I started to play badly. Had enough chips to wait out half the field doing nothing (3,425), but instead I crippled myself pushing all-in drawing dead to runner-runner quads. Then got my tiny stack all-in with top pair and a winning flush draw, but didn’t get there.

I got one F-bomb warning, but no penalty, by the way.

For additional coverage of my go, check out Pauly and BlondePoker. (And, of course, we’ll probably have something to say on PokerBlog.)

Funniest stuff was getting seated next to Johnny Kampis’s roommate, Ted … who muttered on and on about how online poker is rigged. “It is, it is!” he swore. “I play almost everyday on there, and it’s rigged I tell ya!”

15 Comments to “Not Much Fun while It Didn’t Last”

  1. Sang

    Let’s rob the Rio, Ocean’s Eleven style. I can have a team of pros on the ground in three hours and a plan within 12.

  2. Ed

    Nice try Dan! You are there…we are all still here…in the nasty Dallas heat.

    So did you jump up and yell how the other guy probably can not even spell poker?


  3. Snick

    How come Mario pays you off and not me? What’s up with that?

  4. jen

    sorry babe….but if it’s any consolation i agree with snick…you look great in pink…

  5. DanM

    Snick, not sure what to say about your comment, as I don’t know the details … but in general, having a blog is the answer to all your problems.

  6. Snick

    I totally forgot to give you kudos on your new gig. Way to go!

  7. Stan

    Snick, how much are you owed? It took a few months but I eventually got mostly paid off. I think persistence is key.

  8. Felicia

    You look really mean in that pic. I suggest fostering that image.

    You also look fat and gay, but I believe you are neither.

    Robert can play, I believe it was Hal Fowler who could not. Maybe Noel Furlong, too 😉

  9. TBR


    He is, in fact, fat and gay (and bald), not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  10. Doc John

    Congratulations from the President of the Fans Who Have Never Met Dan Club. We tried to text message you to take your time and skip the first hand after the break…

  11. Lori the dealer

    You have a fan club? Where do I sign up? Luv Ya! Sorry about the bad luck…. It was me, wasn’t it?

  12. Snick

    Stan – I’m owed $1000 as of last year. I’ve been asking, demanding, and everything else you can think of but so far no go. I’m still working on it though. He can’t escape me forever.

  13. Pokerati — Texas hold’em blog — semi-live at the WSOP » Blog Archive » Correction: Oops, I didn’t Suck Out on Olga

    […] LAS VEGAS–Last week I reported getting a lot of chips in the $1,500 NLH event by cracking Olga Varkonyi’s aces (and a flopped set of jacks) with my pocket 10s. Not the case. I probably misidentified her because I thought it would sound cooler. And I thought that TBR had knocked her out of last year’s main event, which I thus figured we could use to turn the Batfaces into her true nemeses. But upon checking facts with TBR, it turned out he didn’t knock her out either — he was just sitting at her table when that happened. Huh. Interesting. […]

  14. Karridy

    Sounds like you and I went out about the same time. I didn’t see you though. Even with that shirt on. Strange.

  15. Michele Lewis

    Dan, I just re-read this post for obvious reasons. You turned the straight DRAW. goofball.