Not-So-Amateur Poker

by , Jul 12, 2006 | 7:08 pm

LAS VEGAS–Sharron and the Heiszes may have returned to Dallas, but the Lodge/Rounder contingent at the WSOP won’t go away. Right now, Doctor Steve and Bob Haney are playing in the seniors tourney. Bob is a slightly below average stack, while Doc just pulled down a big pot to put him comfortably above. By the way, yet another tourney that started out with more than the buy-in in tourney chips — 1,500 TC. Wonder if that means they’ll take out the $1k events next year. If not, they might as well do a $200 buy-in bracelet tourney … and start us off with like 3,600 or something.

Other Rounderish results:

Freddie didn’t do so well in the $1,000 … damn other guy made such a bad call … and then the ace came on the turn

Steve Sparks appears to be out of the seniors tourney.

Meanwhile, a group of Dallas players hit the Sahara for some non-WSOP action yesterday. Gina Torres won the tournament — about 100 players I believe — and Mary got 4th, thanks in part to a four-card flush against Gina’s aces. Don Jones took 8th in a different but similar tourney. Meanwhile, I wait for them all to take me out to a fancy dinner.

UPDATE: Bob Haney is out. “I made it two-thirds of the way through. Got my pocket aces cracked by pocket fives, when he flops quads … and then I went out with Ace-King suited and ran into aces.”

Doctor Steve is still alive and prospering. “He’s still at the same table,” Bob says. “I got moved three times.”

UPDATE: Doctor Steve ran out of chips as he neared the bubble.

5 Comments to “Not-So-Amateur Poker”

  1. Snick

    Actually, it’s JoAnn that took 4th – not Mary.

  2. DanM

    My bad, JoAnn. Either way, we know who is the better player of you two.

  3. Don

    142 Players were in the tourney.

  4. Jimmy

    I wouldn’t mind them giving out more T chips than buyin $ in some of the larger small tournaments like the $1500 or $2500. Those events starting with just T1500 or T2500 makes them play like online donk-fests, since you don’t have any room if you lose one decent sized pot. Give T3000 or even better T3500 to make them more interesting.

    I agree having a $1000 tournament for a bracelet is kind of silly.

  5. Doc John

    Great to see the Doc Steve, Gina, and Don doing so well. Congratulations, GINA! No wonder there is no poker action in DFW right now…all the greats are in Pokerati’s crosshairs! How many Rounders are up there, by your best guess?