Not-So-Historic Poker

by , Jul 16, 2006 | 12:32 pm

There was a big tournament that didn’t finish up until 11 am Dallas time yesterday. Chip Reese whittled away Andy Bloch to take the super-prestigious HORSE event bracelet. But that wasn’t the only tourney going on at the WSOP. While the HORSE final table was coming to a conclusion, so was the $225 second-chance tourney. By the time I had to take off for the airport, Josh from Jackie’s (in Dallas) was kicking ass.

It was a true “second chance” event for him. Josh had busted out of the $2k NLHE event relatively early. So he bought in to the second-chance with a drink-lots-of-tequila strategy in place. But with that, he accumulated a lot of chips. And eventually he decided, holy shit, I better shift gears. At that point it was all about Red Bull and massages. At the final table, he was a decidedly big stack after having knocked out more than a dozen people …

In the second chance tourney, Josh had the biggest gallery of fans.

He also was getting more media attention than any of the other players. And, of course, more chips.

In the end, he and the last two standing sitting would chop three ways — about $6k apiece. Not a bad return on $2,225 invested.

8 Comments to “Not-So-Historic Poker”

  1. Joshua Evans

    Hey you!!!!
    It’s Josh Gosh – B’Gosh!
    Look at you now! Wow o Wow!
    We are so excited about your hard work and all you’ve accomplished. This is so cool!
    Good Luck in the next tournament and lots of love from Aaron, Tessie & Brittanie!

  2. Joshua Evans

    Another comment!
    Britt says “Hey it’s our Josh! Isn’t he cute!”
    We all sat around the computer reading this article and feeling so proud of you!
    Hope to see you some time soon! Be careful, have fun and Win Big!!!
    Our love is with you!
    Auntie Tess

  3. Kyle

    Josh, keep kickin ass and take your Dad’s bravado attitude into every round. We will see you in Vegas on final table day. If you need a few tipps, please feel free to call LOL!

  4. callie and cindy

    hey cousin!! we wanted to say congrats on ur big win!!! mom says right on josh!! were so proud of you!! keep doin it big!! miss you!! hope to see you again sometime!! tell everyone we send our love k


  5. DanM

    Josh has family? Total degenerate.

  6. PokerGus

    Gallery of fans? hahahahaha!

  7. lori the dealer

    Wow, Josh! Good job! That’s awesome! Enjoy the rest of your trip and good luck in the other tourneys you play! Mark my words….. stay away from the craps table. I don’t care how much fun they say you’ll have.

  8. Craig from Jackies

    Josh – well done! But aren’t you like 16 yrs old? j/k. I hope your good luck rubs off on me in 2 weeks.