Overheard at the WSOP

by , Jul 3, 2006 | 8:52 pm

LAS VEGAS–Camped out in the Milwaukee’s Best Light Garage–same comfy leather chair. But today there are no young 20something skanks hotties. Instead there is one 40something lady (previously skanky hot, presumably) who just wandered over from the Poker Kitchen, where she is doing some sort of work, I can tell by her green smock. Anyhow, as I type, she is swaying in the air conditioning, and the song playing is “Dear Mr. Fantasy” …

80s Rocker Lady [swaying hips and thrusting fist skyward]: All right, Traffic! Whoo!

You know the best thing about this MBL is how cold they serve it. I mean the one I’ve got right now … ice crystals on the surface. Amazing how a few degrees of extra chill in Vegas can make a miserable beer surprisingly palatable.


One Comment to “Overheard at the WSOP”

  1. Rikmo

    Keep up the great reporting; I stop by Pokerati several times a day so I can feel like I’m in on the action myself.

    Here is my advice:

    Take the$225 that you are OBVIOUSLY going to lose at the NEXT poker session you play and buy a damn digital camera!

    You are cooch level with 7 slut/hotties in tool belts and all we get is a written description? Come on…..

    p.s. If you happen to see Evelyn Ng, AND happen to have the aforementioned camera with you……well tell her Rikmo says “HELLO”