Poker Journalism Report Card

by , Jul 9, 2006 | 7:07 am


That grade goes to Pokerati for yesterday’s work. Started off going to the Bloggers Tourney at Caesar’s Palace, where Howard Lederer gave a great speech about poker legal issues and what he’s learned about the lobbying process in Washington. I had my camera with me … but not my digital voice recorder. (Doh! Woulda made a great podcast! Instead I got a ho-hum photo of Howard holding a microphone, against a drab background.)

Then, during the Todd Brunson ass-signing, I had my voice recorder, but not my camera! To make matters worse, while deciding if I should run back to the media room … and/or just stick around so as not to miss it … and/or to play my AJ in a $2/$5 cash game … I froze … decided not to run back for the camera, yet didn’t get audio either.

My apologies. King of Multimedia I am not.


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