Regulation vs. Re-criminalization

by , Jul 28, 2006 | 9:37 am

LAS VEGAS–As mentioned before, what will probably be the biggest convention of legal-minded poker people and poker ambassadors in the modern poker era is going down this afternoon — just as the biggest poker tournament in the history of the world gets underway. So much talk in the hallways, in the media room, in the hopitality suites, on cell phones, and at the table about various poker laws. No one is screaming the sky is falling, but there’s an underlying buzz by a noticeable percentage of people who — for reasons beyond the game itself — don’t want to see the poker party get crashed.

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We all know what has to be done. But the question is how to sell it to the people who just don’t understand. Is it a matter of morality? Of personal liberty? Of fiscal practicality? Of luck vs. skill? Probably all of the above.

Click here to hear the CATO daily podcast about anti-poker legal efforts and the threats they pose to the non-poker world.

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