The hottest non-WSOP action in Vegas

by , Jul 5, 2006 | 12:25 pm

LAS VEGAS–I ran into Felicia Lee (the Susan Powter of Poker?) and her lovely husband Glenn. I was prepared for her to say somethng along the lines of, “hi, how’s it going you bad-blogging, sexist no-good motherfucker?” — because that’s how she rolls/shows she cares — but in fact she was pleasant and delightful, particularly for someone who recently busted out of a tourney.

She had just come from the Orleans … which seems to be smartly capitalizing on the influx of poker players in town.

OK, that may apply to everywhere in V-town this month. But the Orleans, for all its relative Vegas nothingness, knows its poker. And its offering games that cater to the people who want to play big tourneys for hundreds of dollars, as opposed to thousands. Felicia and Glenn had just played an Omaha event with 600 players, many of whom were “second tier” pros. (Tom McEvoy, for example.)

To make the action even more appealing, the Orleans has supposedly cut the juice on tournament buy-ins in half. And they are running hour-long (or maybe 50 minutes?) blind levels. And they are giving you more starting chips than usual.

2 Comments to “The hottest non-WSOP action in Vegas”

  1. Chris Rebuy

    Great report, I’ll be checking it out when I’m there.

  2. Felicia

    I think the juice on the satellites is about half of the Rio, and they definitely cut the juice some on the events themselves, but I don’t believe in half. I may have said something wrong, lol. I’ll have to look it up, we just got home.

    Nice seeing you again! We will be back on Friday.