Um, There Is Nothing to See Here …

by , Jul 20, 2006 | 7:11 pm

LAS VEGAS–Sorry for the lack of posts … have been particularly busy with various other criminally questionable? sweet gigs. I know a lot of folks have been visiting — as I do monitor my traffic now and again to learn things about you (sickos) … and one particular recent visitor from Washington DC caught my eye.

Apparently word of the Aces/Dallas SWAT raid has made its way to the DOJ. So either government officials are starting to note the concerns of its poker citizenry, or are planning for a military takeover of poker blogs. Either way, G-men, welcome to Pokerati. Take your shoes off and make yourself at home. While you’re at it, you might also want to check out The Fat Guy. Also, totally unrelated, just wondering … do they have wi-fi in prison?

4 Comments to “Um, There Is Nothing to See Here …”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    I suspect that they’re fixing to throw us all in the pokie for promoting illegal interweb gambling. Since Our Republic has solved that pesky terrorism problem.

  2. TommyTwoToes

    I would not worry about it.
    the people that investigate don’t do it blatantly.

    It was likely someone bored at work sitting at their desk.

  3. Willie

    Uh oh, they found out I didn’t register for the draft.

  4. J.Edgar

    Keep it up, smart guys. We’re onto you. Now if Sen. Kyl would just get things finished up…