Big Cash for Lodge Amateur Poker!

by , Aug 1, 2006 | 7:25 pm

LAS VEGAS–We’ll just call him C0mo, as in Perry with a zero. He wanted me to change his name to something like Cuomo or Chris C. because he feared Googlish repurcussions for his semi-gambling prowess. But I think he is still just trying to get rid of his nickname “Como the Homo.”

Anyhow, the Lodge’s 2005 player of the year asked me if he could use his prize money to buy into the $1,000 Bellagio tourney instead of a WSOP event, as he believed it provided better odds — such a math geek. Since game selection is an important part of poker and that’s really all I want for my players … good poker … I said sure, no problem. So he took his seat and found himself at the table with Miami John Cernuto and Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi. Chris C. did better than they did … he took 4th place.

Payout: $40,000

Seriously, I have the chills and/or want to cry.

15 Comments to “Big Cash for Lodge Amateur Poker!”

  1. Sang

    Sweet you gay bastard

  2. Ed

    Good job cocomo!

    Now when you get in your next pissing match with Brian Scales at the table you can mention this $40k you made and see where things go from there. 🙂


  3. Cowboy

    Way to go Chris!! I had a feeling you could do it. And to think about it you never went to poker camp. Good job.

  4. JoAnn

    Way to go Chris!!!!

  5. Gonz


    Just curious: How many players in the field? That’s an outstanding result, and now I want more details…

  6. david haney

    drinks on como the 13th!

  7. Don


    414 players.

  8. Fawcett

    Last night was a fun night of celebration…hey Cuomo your blackjack needs some work.

  9. Suzy

    That freaking rocks. Seriously. I really respect his play and I am glad to see his work on the game has finally paid off. I guess he won’t be playing 1-2 anytime soon? lol.

  10. alicia

    Congratulations, my sweet sunshine love. As your good friend, Dallas surrogate mother, and GPS navigational system, I’m beaming with pride. Now come home so I can borrow some money. 🙂 (Call me… I’ll give you directions to the airport)

  11. alicia

    BTW Dan… no mention of Steve Carter’s performance in the Main Event. He’s like 19th in chips after Day 2A or something like that. They have his name spelled wrong… it’s under James Steve Cartee, but if you click on his name it has the event that he made the final table last year with Webber listed.

  12. TFB

    Awesome. Good job “Cuomo”

    God kid… greatpoker… but did you have to redub yourself after the man who did so much damage being the Governor of New York State?

  13. DanM

    Be careful … now Como is halfway to having an adequate bankroll to play 1/2 NL.

  14. DanM

    And Don, had the original buy-in not been won at the Lodge, you might have a point. Go Rounders!

  15. Don

    Dan…I wonder if C0MO used the money he won (1K) from the RounderClub to buy-in or from the Lodge. Go Batfaces!