Bowling for Dollars $1,000 (with Johnny Chan)

by , Aug 10, 2006 | 5:38 pm

LAS VEGAS–Tony the Actor writes in with a question about why I haven’t been drunker (and reports of some extra-fun prop betting):

So, I was out there [in Las Vegas] for a few days last week, assuming I’d run into you. I was at the Alliance get-together, but didn’t see you there. With all the BS involved in getting into the game itself, I just turned my attention toward the Trade Show and all the parties. Can you say “open bar”?? Did you go to Ultimate Bet’s party at the Voodoo? Too much fun. And I bowled with Johnny Chan at the Hard Rock suite. Playboy TV was there and I got interviewed by Stacey Fuson. I think they thought I was some “bowling guy”. Once I stumbled through showing Stacey how to bowl, I was good to go (hey I was on camera, I must be somebody) – so as the party became more private the poker guys got up there and started bowling for 1000 bucks a throw, paid immediately in cash… these guys will bet on anything.

Tony, sorry I missed you. Sadly, I have not achieved my WSOP inebriation goals this year. The event turned into actual work for me, which somehow, despite most of it being for PARTY poker, meant less blogging, less poker playing, less poker watching, and less partying.

What is poker coming to when you can’t do your off-the-table work all fucked up?


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