Cannonball Poker Run

by , Aug 14, 2006 | 8:30 am

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it back safe and sound. In record time, no less. Left Las Vegas at 1:15 am PST and arrived in Dallas 8:45 pm CST — 17-and-a-half hours … and that’s with three stops for gas, one wrong turn, and a brief photo shoot at the Hoover Dam.

ALT HED: Sunday is the Day of Getting There

There was a game a lot of us enjoyed playing in Vegas called “Hooker or Ho?” On the road through rural Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, interestingly enough, Deco Chic and I replaced that with “Prison or School?” It’s not as easy as you might think to tell the difference.

Sorry I couldn’t get back in time for the Lodge tourney. I miss you all. Well, all except for about 11 of you.


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  1. Easycure

    Hooker or Ho? Did you get that from April? We were playing that while I was there on the 3rd to the 6th. As a matter of fact, how come we didn’t meet?

    Ah well, maybe next trip.

    Good stuff during the tournament. Kudos to you and your blog.

  2. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Glad you guys made it home safe & sound. You were missed yesterday at the Lodge… by EVERYONE! Things just weren’t the same without you around 🙁

  3. DanM

    sharron, no need to kiss my butt. the boobie-squeezing/fact-checking job is yours already, ok? … because you are experienced and highly qualified.

  4. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Dammit, I knew all that boobie checking would pay off for me eventually so send me my first assignment boss!

    I want to get right into action with this new position, or is that get into the right position with this new action??

  5. Ed

    Sharron is such a perv.

    You were talking about sexual positions right?


  6. Evil Omaha Sharron

    Ed… that is for me to know and you to figure out but I suspect you know me well enough to have hit it on the head *blush*

  7. Ed

    head? another sexual reference or just a coincidence?

  8. Evil Omaha Sharron

    *innocent look*

  9. the new Earl

    What’s up with the new guy running the tourney? Say the word and we will all bolt to a new joint for sunday night poker, just pick a spot and keep Lisa (the dealer)

  10. Derek Boswell


  11. Evil Omaha Sharron

    I second it too!

  12. TommyTwoToes

    welcome back to dallas dan.

  13. DanM

    Aww, you guys …

    Just remember: poker is a game of patience. And fortunately, most of you are already skilled enough to read tells, recognize bluffs, and properly interpret overbets.

    By the way, speaking of … be sure to check out Hunting Fish by Jay Greenspan. He writes a whole chapter about Dallas poker and a few pages about poker at The Lodge. The scene closes with the author’s interaction with Brian Scales in a bathroom. Awesome.

  14. Ed

    “And fortunately, most of you are already skilled enough to read tells, recognize bluffs, and properly interpret overbets.”

    Wow…you are GOOD. Could not have said it better without coming out and just saying what I really wanted to say. 🙂

    “The scene closes with the author’s interaction with Brian Scales in a bathroom. Awesome.”

    Hmm…this alone makes me want to grab the book. Does he tell Jay about all the money he has won in tournaments? 😛

  15. TheActorTony

    Okay, I missed something. I assumed you were coming back to The Lodge, and the other guy was just filling in. Is this not the case?

  16. Ed

    ::puts finger on nose and points other finger at tony::

  17. TheActorTony

    Well, shit. So I have to endure multiple weeks of “Well Dan does it THIS way…” ?? Add me to the “seconds” list, please.

  18. Ed

    Tony, what did you think of the game this past Sunday?

    The guy did ok from the time I was there but the 20 min blind levels need to come back. Heard there was some issues with keeping the tables evened out too. Oh and I heard he tried to skip some blind levels. If those things happen I will not go back because then we are just playing an APL even and most of us know how those things turn out.

  19. TheActorTony

    Personally, I didn’t really notice the time issue or blind levels so much, although I heard players complain about both… There was a problem with keeping tables evened out… I don’t think the consolidation of tables worked out as fairly as it could have, either… but, it would have to degrade quite a bit before it became an APL-level event. I mean it’s still ok, it’s free poker at a nice gentleman’s club with some better-than-average play. I just remember how fun it was at the beginning and I guess I got spoiled.

  20. Ed

    I know I got spoiled. Talking with a few folk and it is not just the poker. The venue does not come into play at all. It is Dan and how he runs the game and keeps the community together. He gets to know the players by chatting with them on various subjects (mainly poker but sometimes weird fetishes one may have). I don’t think the this new guy did that much and you would think on his first day he would try and get to know as many people there as he could. Dunno…will give it some time and if things do get bad I will pass on playing there.

    BTW, either I don’t know you as Tony or you use an alias that has nothing to do with your real name. 🙂 Been trying to figure out who you are and have been drawing a blank. I am pretty good with making sure I know just about everyone. Even the donks like Derek. Any hints?


  21. DanM

    Dude, Ed, he’s Tony the Actor. Part of the plan for 2007 was to add his nickname on the new point standings so you would know which Tony he was.

  22. TheActorTony

    I agree, Ed… with no Dan, the whole level of cool just dropped dramatically. Shame. So was this a mutual parting of ways, or did they chase Dan out with a cattle prod? Is this new guy just Dan’s bee-yatch? What gives?

  23. Ed

    I am going to blame politics and just move on with life. Dan has my contact info and I am sure he will let me know when something new is happening. 🙂

  24. alicia

    What the F? Are you telling me our boy took one in the you-know? I hope he was able to negotiate a deal as good as the ones that the strippers that used to follow Larry around were able to…

    This development inspires many questions…

    whatever happened to Larry anyway?

    Is this going to cut down on the parties at Dan’s house or increase them?

    How is this going to impact the 2nd annual FIEND invitational?

    Will this effect the cease fire between the Israelis and Hezbollah?

    But most importantly, should I stop drinking and posting?

  25. jen

    Please don’t stop posting or drinking…..

  26. Steve G.

    Dear Alicia & Jen,

    How big are your boobs?


    Steve G.