Como Express rolls on through Vegas

by , Aug 6, 2006 | 12:16 am

LAS VEGAS–I hope this Rounder Club vs. Batfaces donnybrook doesn’t turn into an East Coast/West Coast thing with Tupac or Tiny B getting gunned down in Vegas. While the BFs still arguably have an edge in cash games, the Rounders as a whole are seeing better, more consistent results in tournaments. Funny how that happens when they play 3 or 4 a week, and no wonder there is a little overlap. (I’ve got my RC card somewhere …)

Anyhow, Como and The Don hit the $180 buy-in tourney at the Venetian a couple nights ago — supposedly great, skill-friendly starting chips and blind structure. There were 140something players … Como got 5th, and Don got 1st. Congrats to both for kicking ass!

There was all sorts of chopping and horsing involved, so I’m not exactly sure what the payouts were, but it was in the neighborhood of $4-5k for Don, nearly $2k for Como, who I am pretty sure doesn’t want to leave town.

4 Comments to “Como Express rolls on through Vegas”

  1. Sang

    Vegas is where Tupac bought it. Not trying to start anything here, no not touching this one at all. Though just how hard can the Venetian be?

  2. JoAnn

    Don – Como – boys! What’s happening out there???? You guys are standing tall and tough! I’m so proud of you both. When can I come back out there and play with you?

  3. Gonz

    I’d like to propose a trade: The Batfaces will ship Dan to the Rounders in exchange for a deck of cards to be named later.

    Send word.

  4. Go Batfaces

    The Batfaces had a disadvantage in that we all, except for Dan, have jobs.