Cowboys vs. Indians

by , Aug 14, 2006 | 11:12 pm

I’ve started to notice more and more the real world taking note of the online-poker legislative fight. That’s a good thing, of course (assuming we are on the right side). And we’re also finding more and more confirmation that a lot of the money funding Bob Goodlatte & Co.’s anti-poker efforts is coming from Native American casinos. Not a shock, but good information. Apparently the legendary WinStar tribes are having conferences about it and everything. Below is internet journalism at its finest, as I try to “follow the money” and head out the door for a late-night meeting with a decidedly pro-poker lobbyist:

ALT HED: Breaking News: Sang not dressed well enough!

momentophotos: real quick…forgot to tell you that when I stopped by Denise’s…her boyfriend Josh was talking about being at some native american gambling conference
Dan Michalski: interesting
momentophotos: not that this surprises you, but he said they were all paying legislators big money to make online gambling illegal.
Dan Michalski: why was he there?
momentophotos: yes…he works with a company who builds golf courses for a lot of these companies who build resorts/casinos in NM, OK, etc.
Dan Michalski: know anything else, like what the conference was called or where it was?
momentophotos: no but if you want, I can give you Denise’s phone number and you can call them tomorrow evening….she works early a.m. so she’s probably in bed….i don’t know his number
Dan Michalski: yes, that would be great. thanks much.
Dan Michalski: by the way, i am probably going to post this IM conversation.
momentophotos: 214-[number deleted] —- her boyfriend’s name is Josh…don’t know his last name
Dan Michalski: cool. thanks.
momentophotos: ok…just obviously don’t post her number…she’s a hottie…i would hate it if Josh got upset because a bunch of poker perverts started calling Denise
Dan Michalski: ok, i am going to finally jump in the shower. just called sang, but no answer.
momentophotos: he’s probably already drunk
Dan Michalski: will give you a buzz when i get out. am starved, by the way … they were talking about going to dinner, but no clue where.
momentophotos: i have food over here from whole foods
Dan Michalski: what kind?
momentophotos: carne asada with salsa, green beans and portabelo mush, etc
Dan Michalski: i like salsa

momentophotos: fruit…..gettting ready to cut up some watermelon
momentophotos: carne asada is just marinated beef slices….looks pretty good..also have 2 southwestern chicken eggrolls with salsa
Dan Michalski: i’m glad to be back from vegas, but i suddenly realize it was nice being able to just go to the poker kitchen or call room service.
momentophotos: and sparkling H2O and beer
momentophotos: yes…
momentophotos: i agree
momentophotos: but it was nice to just eat something relatively healthy on my couch in front of my computer and TV
Dan Michalski: just got off the phone with sang.
Dan Michalski: he couldn’t get into ghost bar.
momentophotos: why?
Dan Michalski: too funny — he didn’t meet the dress code!
momentophotos: because he’s asian?
momentophotos: no WAY?
momentophotos: Sang?
Dan Michalski: i know!
Dan Michalski: has to be a first.
Dan Michalski: he was wearing sandals
momentophotos: I forsee a shopping trip in his future
momentophotos: so where is he now?
Dan Michalski: they are eating at Nobu.
momentophotos: of course
Dan Michalski: it’s gonna be a very Sangy night, i suspect.
momentophotos: what do you want to do?
Dan Michalski: take a shower. eat — your food, not nobu — and then meet them out for a drink?
momentophotos: sure
momentophotos: sounds good
Dan Michalski: haley is in town til 5 pm tomorrow …
Dan Michalski: so i doubt he will be staying out too late.
momentophotos: i wouldn’t mind seeing haley either
momentophotos: good
Dan Michalski: ok, i’ll get my butt into gear.
momentophotos: see you in a bit
Dan Michalski: cool.
momentophotos: just post some of it
Dan Michalski: of course.
Dan Michalski: 🙂
momentophotos: 😉
Dan Michalski: adios

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