Dirty Coaching?

by , Aug 7, 2006 | 3:17 am

LAS VEGAS–So I’m following Richard Wyrick — aka Deadeye Dick — and I think he knows I’m happy to be his sounding board whenever he wants to talk poker strategy. He probably also knows that I keep coming up to him offering unsolicited advice whenever he’s on a break now, but hey, I demand the most from my athletes. When the going gets tough … it’s simple: you should try to play well. That’s the best way to win.

Just got a little more info on tournament director Jack Effel’s “no coaching” declaration.

Apparently, WPT champion Martin de Knijff was doing more than offering friendly advice to one of his poker cronies. He allegedly had secured himself a red media badge, allowing him access to “the moat,” and from there he was “coaching” at least one of his fellow Swedes still alive in the main event. Not while in hands, of course (at least not as far as I know), but in between hands with regularity — presumably in Swedish.

And that’s a no-no … particularly now that so much is at stake with every observation and decision.

One Comment to “Dirty Coaching?”

  1. Haley

    Oh, that was so overdue — every time Hellmuth was inside the ropes he’d been having conversations with a couple of other name pros, too.