Go Dallas (Charity) Poker!

by , Aug 6, 2006 | 1:35 am

LAS VEGAS–Just got some more info on Whitney Blanton, who interestingly enough won his seat via charity raffle at the 2006 La Riata. He’s hanging in and hanging on …

The hand he doubled up on:

Blinds are at 4,000/8,000 +1,000. I think Whit was in the big blind. A bullyish opponent raises to 20k, and Whit pushes all-in for another 40k with K-J. The raiser calls with 5-7. A jack on the flop and a blank on the turn allows Whit’s heart to start beating again. It’s nice when charity works out the right way.

Thanks ShutterGyp for the on-the-floor reporting!

UPDATE: Blanton is out. 157th place. $47,006. Well done. Nice go.
Sit back, think about how things played out, and enjoy. Then, shortly upon your return, we will make fun of you for winning your seat in a poker “raffle.”

5 Comments to “Go Dallas (Charity) Poker!”

  1. Whit Blanton

    I was indeed getting short stacked. I had about 100K in chips. Moved all in with 7’s after one limper. Got heads up (with the best hand) vs. AJ. He got an Ace on the turn to knock me out 🙁 If I double up there, I have some chips to work with. You have to take chances at the stage and you have to win coin flips. This one I didn’t win unfortunately. It was a great run and the thrill of lifetime. I can’t wait to play in it next year and plan on winning it all! 🙂

    Whit Blanton

  2. alicia

    Congratulations, Whit, on a great tourney! It must have been a thrill of a lifetime

  3. Whit Blanton

    Thanks!! It was an amazing time! The part that I will remember the most I’m sure will be going up against Ted Forrest heads up with my pocket Aces holding up against his pocket Queens. This was a huge pot at the time, close to $90,000 and a critical point in the tourney for me. ESPN had the cameras on us and hope that it will air.

    Can you believe I was actually going to sell my seat? LOL! Oh …. how dumb that would have been!!

  4. alicia

    hope it helps with some of those hospital bills. COngrats again. you gotta tell me where you’re playing these days so i can get a crack at some of it

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    […] La Riata is this Saturday. Once upon a time it was the coolest, bestest, biggest charity tourney in Texas. By giving away a single $10,000 prize, the Texas Stampede was able to draw some 300+ players and raise more than $250,000 for Children’s Medical Center. It was a great way for Dallas sharks to meet willing whales. It still is, but alas, the WSOP main event seat has to be given away by raffle. But hey, last year’s raffle winner, Whit Blanton, parlayed his luck into a $50,000 display of WSOP skill. […]