Good/Bad Chuck

by , Aug 24, 2006 | 12:19 am

Just going through some old emails — the backlog is finally below 900! — and came across some discourse between various poker legalizers. Turns out that Charles Humphrey, the Colorado lawyer filing suit in New Jersey with claims that fantasy football constitutes illegal gambling, is clearly on the right side of the law poker. Not only was he in Vegas playing satellites during the WSOP, but, according to the politicky emails, he was there meeting with folks from the PPA and Bob Ciaffone. He’s also apparently very aware of the Texas Poker PAC.

So interesting approach, Counselor Chuck. My apologies for implying that you might suck. Now I get it. Good stuff. Keep the frivolous lawsuits flying!

(And give me a buzz so I can tell you about the way cash fishing tournaments work in Texas — similar combination of luck and skill … only these take place on public waterways.)

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