Hour of Power

by , Aug 21, 2006 | 12:37 am

Appeared on Hold'em Radio's "Beyond the Table" with Tom Schneider last week. Semi-interesting stuff as this WSOP final tableist and I discuss Harrah's and the corporate influences in the World Series of Poker; how Tom did; life in the $400/$800 mixed game; how I did; life in the $3/$6 mixed game; and bad beat deadbeat stories when it comes to loaning money.

Part 1
early audio troubles, WSOP sponsorships, limit hold’em shootout structure, $1,500 rookie, $50k HORSE temptation / structure

MP3 File

Part 2
high-stakes cash games fun, bad dealer tips from presumably good people / Tom, bad business decisions ==> bad service, challenges to Jeffrey Pollack

MP3 File

Part 3
the art of loaning money, high-stakes Roshambo (with Iggy), good friends and bum deals / dog poop

MP3 File

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