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It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with what’s going on in the poker world. Thank goodness I didn’t decide to try and cover football … because that would be near impossible. In no particular order of importance:

ANNA BENSON is no fan of Wicked Chops Poker. For shame.

But Wicked Chops knows its PR (that’s what they do for their day jobs) and thus they have mad respect for RICHARD LEE’S crisis management chops.

Note to San Antonio TV news and Police Department: 6th place does not make someone a “world champion.” If this were the case, OTHER would be the World Champion of Presidents.

Bic Lighters are about to go poker-crazy. They gave a lot of their fire-sticks away at the WSOP, but sadly, most of them had to be left behind at McCarran International Airport.

The US SENATE reconvenes next week. With legislation to ban most semblances of online gambling on its agenda, our future is currently in their hands.

Anti-poker bill sponsors REPS. JIM LEACH (R-IA) and BILL FRIST (R-TN) are holding a “field hearing” in Iowa today (Thursday) to hear what the people have to say about the matter.

Oops, I’m wrong … the field hearing isn’t about listening to the people — it’s about rallying support for the anti-online-poker measures.

Note to supporters of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act: Build more jails.

Meanwhile, in DENVER, a SWAT team busted a small-stakes poker room. No word on whether or not this bust was made-for-TV as was the case in DALLAS. Had the cops known they would have found cocaine, they probably would’ve used smaller artillery.

Note to poker-room operators: Dudes, keep the coke out of your game. (Adderall, after all, is a much better poker drug.)

STEVE HALL has become addicted to homemade Bollywood movies. He also thinks might be hurting for money and running a scam.

He also has an intersting list of well-known pros who failed to cash throughout the entire WSOP:

Liz Lieu
Eli Elezra
An Tran
Gus Hansen
Alan Goehring
Kenna James
Al Ardebili
Norm Ketchum
Antonio Esfandiari
Scotty Nguyen
Ram Vaswani
Noah Boaken

BATFACES who faced similar fates include:

Troy “Darling” Phillips
The Big Randy
Scott Fawcett
Eric “Tulsa” Celeste
Dan Michalski
Eric “the Freeze” Pfeifle
Dan “Hong Kong Sue” Ballenger
Todd “Tiny B” Phillips
“Gentle” Shane Keller

On the pre-eve of WPT Ladies Night — the event that made her famous — CLONIE near-bubbled in the WPT Legends of Poker.

Go Dallas Poker?

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  1. Fawcett

    Do craps games count as cashing? TBR and I covered our enrty fee for the $2500 in about 30 minutes of dice…