Jamie Gold’s Horseman

by , Aug 10, 2006 | 8:37 pm

LAS VEGAS–So everyone is talking Jamie Gold. He’s been dominating since Day 3. Turns out there’s an interesting story on how he got into the game. He’s Johnny Chan’s agent, of course — we all know that — and the inspiration for some character on “Entourage,” a show I don’t watch. (But all that leads me to believe he might be an asshole.) Anyhow, he was negotiating with Bodog to get some celebrities seats. As part of the negotiation, he wanted two seats — one for himself and one for a friend.

This is where my info gets a little foggy, but basically he got one seat … and I’m not sure how he and his buddy figured out how who got to play, but in the end, he took the seat … and now, of course, is guaranteed multiple millions.

But he’s only got half of himself. The other half of whatever he wins will go to — inside sources say — WPT Boot Camp instructor Crispin Leyser.

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    Looks like Crispin doesn’t have his money yet, he’s suing for his 1/2 of the winnings:


  2. Pokerati — Texas hold’em blog — semi-live at the WSOP » Blog Archive » Very Unglittery

    […] Looks to be a fun year for poker — I wonder if the poker media will decide to actually cover it like a “sport” instead of a promotional event. A Pokerati commenter points out that Crispin Leyser — Jamie Gold’s “horseman” — is suing for half his winnings. Apparently Jamie is not very good at making promises and keeping them. Just ask the dealers. […]